Pocket Scrappers - how do you handle titles?

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Pocket Scrappers - how do you handle titles?

I am dipping my toes in pocket scrapbooking, because I am looking for a way to streamline my scrapbooking process a little to help me catch up.

It is a little bit of an adjustment, and I still really like doing traditional scrapbook layouts, but if I don't find a way to catch up, I am going to be missing out on scrapping many amazing moments along the way.

Anyways, one thing that I am struggling with is the lack of a place for a big, splashy title to pull the layout together. How do you guys handle your titles on pocket layouts? Do you reserve one "block" as a title/date block? Or are there other approaches to this that I should be considering?

Thanks so much

You can reserve a single block for a title card if you'd like. There are LOTS of other options, though, pretty much only limited by your imagination. The advantage of digital pocket scrapbooking is that you're not restricted to ONLY using the standard blocky pocket layouts; those came about due to the need to fit things into the plastic pocket pages in physical PL albums. Dawn Prater has a bunch of fantastic pocket-style templates in the Commons. You can certainly add extra layers over your pocket cards and photos, whether or not they fall along the gutters between the blocks. Here are a few ideas off the top of my head:

You can use a journal card with a strip along one edge and put a short title in 36-72 point text over that edge strip, then do your journaling on the rest of the card. I've got some like this in my portion for the "In the Pocket" blog train we did back in March 2017; my entire part is still available for free on my site, and some of the other designers' portions may still be available on their blogs as well. Here's a layout in the Commons with a similar idea.

You can use a strip of paper or a banner as a border on a photo and put your title on that, like Marisa has done here. (Or use the knockout settings to cut block letters out of the strip so the photo shows through; there are some strips like this in my "In the Pocket" blog train kit as well. Feel free to save the preview from my site for usage ideas!)

You can spread a big block letter title over a couple of background photos, using a stroked outline at 50% opacity and a 0% fill so you get outlined letters going across, for example, a sunset photo. Or use a big script title over a photo like Marisa did here. Or you can take that sunset photo and clip it to a full-opacity, full-fill title laid over a basic card with a kit paper clipped to it.

You can choose a template that has a couple of long strips in it that are designed to allow for traditional titles and journaling, like in this layout by Bina. Place your titles normally, or do something fun and make them be a taller second layer in the pockets below them (kind of like file tabs sticking up from folder edges, but with letter shapes instead of traditional file tabs).

You can put a normal title along the edge between two rows of blocks, so long as it doesn't cover anything important in the contents of those blocks, like in this layout by Violet, or add other layers on top of the white space around the title, as Sharon-Dewi did in this layout. Or you can leave a card out, like in this layout of Marisa's.

You can size the template down so there's some white space around it, and then use the space outside of the pocket page to add a large title. This isn't exactly the same, but here's a neat take by Marlyn.

I hope these spark some ideas for you and anyone else reading this!

Probably one of the reasons I like pocket scrapping so much is that you don't need a title. I'm the worst with titles. This is not helpful, but it looks like Holly had lots of good ideas. smiley

When I do physical pocket scrapping I just use on of the 6x4 cards to make a title with alphas or cut on on my silhouette...
Digital, I think I'll do the same!!!

What did you end up with?