Practical Pointers for Blog Train Success

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Truly GREAT post. Glad that's it a sticky too. Lots of the info I knew that I knew, but re-reading reminded me of a couple things as well. Thanks for all your hard work compiling all of the information!

Thank you for your generous and helpful initiative, Violet! Thank you for sharing so freely the secrets of creating and sharing kits. It is refreshing to see how open and honest this community is. smiley

Wow! This is an awesome resource! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

One of my pet peeves is file naming and finding files without the name of the designer, etc, in the name. Thank you for making this clear in your post.

Totally excellent!!!

@Violet this is an amazing source of information. Thank you for putting it all together. I found few things I missed in my products so I'm going to makes those changes now smiley I'm so happy to be part of this growing community, everyone is so helpful.

What a great resource. I'm hoping to complete my first page, let alone "design" something;but I never realized all the others factors involved. Please everyone say thanks when you download a "freebie" cuz precious time is far from free! Thank you for all the facts!

Wow! Thank you for taking the time to explain in detail. Its helped me alot:)

Thank you for the naming info. I get SO frustrated when I see paper1, bow3, ribbon5. I can't spend the time to rename things so I can give credit.

Wonderful post! So many answers to so many questions!!! THANK YOU!

Thank u so much Violet!

Super useful post, a lot of great information here as I am preparing for my first Blog Train, thank you so much!

Thank you Violet, very helpful post. I learned a lot and will be following these steps from now on.

I just stumbled upon this, it's a renamer tool - I haven't tried it but came across it on some scrapping blog (Studio Flergs)

Awesome, France! I use this one for Mac: to quickly and easily rename all my files using a consistent naming structure before I upload them for selling/giving away.

Should we add a link to this template
to the first post? I don't see it there (and it's still early and I haven't had my coffee yet! so maybe I just am not SEEING it! )

I updated it!

Yay! Thank you!

This is perfect for beginners like me, thank you for taking the time to write this all out!

Wow Violet, awesome...thank you for all the information, links and updates. It's good to keep all this in mind as I make my scrap pages so it will become a habit and second nature to do.

Thank you for such an extensive advice and tip thread, Violet!

I've been thinking about participating in a blog train but I suppose I think I need more practice with making digi items, LOL!

P.S-does any of the blog train designer veterans have any advice for those of us who want to join upcoming trains but may dtill have cold feet?

that's some really good info! i want to join a blog train soon

thank you for these important informations; for me, as a newbie, it's very helpfull

Wow! Thank you for all this fantastic info, Violet! I am still deciding if I am brave enough to design anything for one of the trains- my background is graphic design, but it was mostly catalogues and business-to-business stuff. The information about files conventions and all those acronyms was definitely helpful!

Along these same lines, what would you consider as optimum file size after compression for a full kit, in order for the customer to have the fastest download time? In other words, would you make two separate zipped files if one compressed file seemed too large? If so, what is your preferred size limit?

Sunny, Personally I like for zips to be smaller than 70 mbs, but it seems like the problems really starts at about 90-100. Zips over 100 can sometimes be really annoying for me to download.

Thanks for the thoughts, Erin. I was trying to keep things at 50 MB or less per download, so I need to find my level of tolerance and use it as my standard rule when putting my zipped files together - without making myself crazy. smiley

A lot of great info here...thanks so much!!

Thanks Violet, a wealth of information and help with things!

And thank you Amanda on the Gamut info. I have both the Gamut and CMYK tools in my older program but never use them.

Thank you, this was extremely helpful!

Thank you for this. I hope to start venturing into designing soon. Some of this I knew, but I had never thought about quality control before. I'm off to do some reading on that!

wow great information, thank you