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Hi Violet, I wasn't sure where to ask this. For the first time ever I made a full kit to go with the mini kit I made for the June blog train. I wanted to add a ribbon and was wondering if I change the color and match it to the kit of a CU ribbon template is that enough of a difference to use in the kit? Everything else is made from scratch, but I haven't learned how to take pictures of ribbon and bows and such so I wanted to add them but didn't know if changing the color is enough of a change.

Changing the color of the ribbon should be good enough Kelly.

Hi all, this month's train was super fun. I went with a camping and outdoors theme. I found when I was doing styles I was sometimes getting out of gamut in sections, so I used a color adjustment and took down the saturation, but because of that some of the colors aren't exactly as when I started from the palette, is that okay? Looking forward to seeing everyone's work!!

Also a question - If I used CU shapes for to make a pattern does it need to be explicitly credited in the TOU of the minikit? I know how to credit it in the commons, but i didn't know how to in a mini kit.

Thank you so much! I ended up clipping the paper to it, so it had the pattern too!

@Kelly: Attribution is never required with our CU graphics.

This information is most helpful. Thank you for compiling this in one post.