Preparing For December Daily 2021

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Preparing For December Daily 2021

Share below if you're thinking of doing a December Daily (or not so daily) this year. If you are thinking of doing it, it's the time to start preparing and making a plan!

(December Daily was started by Ali Edwards as a way to document all the excitement in December. Now people take all sorts of approaches, so feel free to interpret it as you like.)

Personally I'm still on the fence about it. I'm considering taking a bigger break from scrapbooking for the month, we have a pretty busy one planned. Although I may be tempted to do something digital. In the past I've created a very small junk journal. I may be tempted into that too. Tell me your plans, maybe it will help me sort out mine!

Share your pages for your December project here.

I love December Daily! I do it pretty much every year!

My sister likes to do the Elf on the Shelf and she posts her daily photos to FB.

I plan to do the daily activities following her Elf in a country where Xmas is in the summer!!

It makes for some interesting layouts. Plus the regular challenges as well.

And also make use of any other christmassy papers and elements I can find.

So far I have done this for both of the last 2 Xmas seasons since I started here at DS.

I'm going to do the same thing as I did last year. A photo(s) a day and scrapbook that day a la Ali Edwards. Last year was the first time I did it and it was fun and I was surprised at how well I kept up with it. Also, this is our year to go to Norway for Christmas (we alternate each year) to visit the relatives. So, it should be quite different from last year's Christmas at home during the pandemic.

Could we have a place where we could post our Daily Projects? Like the ABC monthly pages? It would be nice to see them all in one a countdown calendar. smiley Even if it's not scrapbook pages, perhaps people could post a photo of what they're doing...just thoughts

Yes I like the idea of a monthly page to hang all the Xmas Daily LOs...

I'll participate in the digital aspect. I have no plans as of yet, but maybe just taking a photo a day and scrapping it sounds like a good idea.

At our PSP forum, we will have our yearly Advent Challenge: Every day we can open a box where we can find a new challenge.

I will definitely do a December Daily this year. I make a junk journal-type scrapbook every year, using a vintage Little Golden Book as a base. (I found a dozen Christmas-themed books in a thrift shop once about six years ago, and I bought them all! smiley ) This year, I would like to try a digital version as well. I think I'm going to digitally scrapbook each day during the actual month of December, and then maybe I'll create a junk journal version after the holidays that matches all my other ones. You can never have too many holiday scrapbooks, right?

I'm not doing December Daily this year. I did do an October Occasionally album, and that was fun, but I also do Project Life, so I find the balance of documenting stories in both albums, or which one do I feature a story hard. If I participate, I normally end up scrapping everything in June/July because I can't focus on it in December.

Chanukah falls out mostly in November this year, but I will be on maternity leave for all of December. So I think I'd like to finish one of my in-progress scrapbooks in December. Either the 2020 memories one, or the one for my toddler's first-year baby book - seeing as there will be another baby in the house!

I’m working hard to get all of my Christmas decorations put up so I can participate this year! I usually make a digital pocket page album just to get it done but I’d love to make a physical album this year.

I'll be flying home for the first time in one and a half years, finally taking a break from being a caretaker for my grandmother, and getting some shut eye after the workaholic-targeted experience that was semester three of my diploma. So no, no December daily for me - I am burnt out enough creatively from prepping for my final assessment, and I'm looking forward to catching up on lots and lots of lost sleep during my 10 days of quarantine.

That said, I've been neglecting scrapbooking, so I'm hoping I'll have time to design, illustrate etc a December kit and have it out before January 10. We'll see, it's just a personal goal.

I will also be very actively stalking the forums to see any user creations and December Daily progress threads - I find watching people flip through their versions of December Daily so satisfying.

I will give this another try. I didn't do so well in Oct. but I love the holidays so that may help my creativity.

Honestly, I don’t think I can manage a page a day in December, with all of the craziness! But since I regularly do the weekly layouts anyway, I may go for an adapted version to take a photo a day, and then scrapbook those weekly. Even though I’ll still probably do larger spreads to focus on Christmas Day and such.

Of course you are excused Becky. smiley

After all you have 3 children under 6 to be running around after!!! I don't know how the heck you manage it!! smiley

I dont have any young children to be running after, so that is why I have the time!! smiley

I continue my weekly pocket pages, but I also reprint the holly jolliest photos and collect them together. I have a 12x12 Christmas pocket page album that I add a couple pages to each year. So fun to see it all in one place!

I think I am gonna catch up scrapping my 2021 pics. I get so busy making calendars for others I dont really have time for my own stuff. but its all good

Im seriously thinking about doing Project Life next year

Junk journal digital or physical?

I have never done this, but I like the idea of it, maybe more weekly, as I might struggle with daily!

Oh, I guess I should clarify. Last year, I took photos everyday and created a scrapbook page for each day later...I didn't actually complete a scrapbook page each day in December. I couldn't keep up with that. smiley

Not 100% sure if I can keep up but I'll give it a go.

@Sarah: I have a post coming out in a couple weeks about scrapping plans for 2022. You should definitely give pocket scrapping a try. I love it.

Everyone is inspiring me for some December magic. Maybe I'll try a digital travelers notebook. I've wanted to try one for a while, and that would give me an excuse to buy some Christmas kits, which I love, but never use.

I created a sharing thread in the layout challenges forum

I may have to borrow this idea, Sarah! I do like the idea of finishing up this year, since I’ve gotten a bit further behind in our weekly pages than I like to be.

Thanks, Marissa! Will be nice to see the progression of our Daily December projects in one place

making one page per day will be impossible for me, but I will try to make 1 page per week.
It's not easy to make a lot of pages when you are not doing anything special in December, but I will try to take 1 photo per day or every 2 days and put them on 1 scrap page per week.
I'm doing a 'week 52' challenge anyway smiley

Huh, I had never considered this type of challenge before. And I just had to split our family albumn into 2 this year because we had too much fun earlier in the year- so I totally could do this! ...but I'm not sure in my family we DO something daily that is Christmasy? I guess we'll find out.

I am making my first December Daily this year. It will be a kind of planner come daily. Very excited as I have plans for tags and pictures and journal cards. Can't wait

Junk Journal, what is a "Junk Journal"? I have never heard of this. I'm Interested.

@Cynthia: Here's my post all about junk journals and here's one I made for Advent.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone makes!

Marisa, Thank you, this is so cool. I have all my old bits and pieces in a 3ring
notebook. I'll have to take a second look and perhaps start a side project, "Junk Jurnal."