reached my 5 kit level after downloading just 2 kits

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reached my 5 kit level after downloading just 2 kits

I am a paid subscriber (I pay monthly) and yet for some reason I was (am) unable to download my kits for today.

I downloaded 2 kits last night - right after midnight EDT, and then when I went to download a bundle, it said I had reached my limit. I know I can download a bundle no matter how many kits it has, but I can also download a single kit or two before hand, before downloading the big bundle. I have done this before.

My download history says that I have downloaded only 2 kits for today.

Has some new rule been instigated or is this a hiccup?

I hope tomorrow I can be back to downloading as usual.

I will not be happy if I am unable to download.

well I was able to download a nice large bundle 24 hours later
but I haven't tried to download some other kits before the big bundle
I'm thinking that may now be against the rules...

OK problem solved.

I don't think we implemented any changes lately. It may have been a weird moment either with the site or your internet. Let me know if you have any other issues in the future.

I had issues on Google Chrome. I now have to use Internet Explorer to download.

I know I've had download blips just with single elements, so it could just have been a download fluke.

My issues were specifically instances where Edge hiccupped on one file and wouldn't download it until I went back to the element's page and redownloaded from scratch rather than hitting "retry." I'm just glad there's a grace window for re-downloading elements a certain number of times without spending credits for when I run into hiccups like this.