Request for folders at Blog Trains

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Request for folders at Blog Trains

Hello BT-Designers,

I have a request, could you put your papers and embellies in a folder, describe it clearly and then zip it? It would be a great help. Thankfully, the full kit designers are leading the way. It's a lot easier to archive than having to go into Window Explorer and create a folder yourself, label it so the files don't get mixed up in your own collection folder after downloading.

Thank you.

Yes please. Creative Fabrica is horrible about this. I unzip a folder and there's 30 files named 1-30. I have to go and rename them all.

Yes Carolyn, it's particularly bad there, because the designers usually only number everything and if you don't always create an extra folder in the window explorer, then it may be that data that had the same number is overwritten.
I'll also contact Creative Fabrica write.

I use 7-zip to extract my files. They give different choices to unpack. Mostly I use 'Extract here'.
When I know that designer does not use folders, than I choose 'unpack files...', they keep the name of the folder they were in (it is just 1 extra click). That way all the elements and papers stay in one folder.
I agree the naming is sometimes horrible; sometimes the folder or even the preview has no name on it smiley when that happens.. sorry but then that designer can not be credited...

Totally commiserating here. CF doesn't seem to have a procedure on file naming. It is a complete riot, really.

Hi all,

I have now written to CF and received a positive reply. They have a team by discussing my/our concern and passing it on to the designers. They continue to encourage suggestions for improvement as well as praise.

Thank you, Doro!

Gladly Bina,

that affects all of us here and I'm also a customer there smiley

Whenever I download from CF, I ALWAYS create a folder with the designer's name so that I know exactly whose design I'm using. Moreover, I keep folders for the different months and year of the particular downloads.

This is much more simple for me as I certainly doubt whether the designers over at CF will go to all the trouble of naming each and every one of their designs!

The contact team at CF or The Hungry JPEG or Design Bundles always respond very positively!

So glad to hear that CF's reply was positive and that you are advocating not just on this site but others. Have used them in the past & want to give credit where credit is due.

Interestingly, I use WinRar to unzip files (not sure if it makes a difference) and when right-clicking on the zip file, I always get three options :

  1. "Extract here" which will make the zip "explode" in the current folder
  2. "Extract files..." which then lets me choose a location (and I can create a folder if needed)
  3. "Extract to [name of zip file]" that will create a folder in that name without any other click