Requests for Country/ City Crests and Country Flag Flairs/ Brads

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Requests for Country/ City Crests and Country Flag Flairs/ Brads

Hi all,

I've been uploading a lot of word art crests featuring various countries and cities and flairs with different countries flags' I'm asking for specific suggestions which you'd like done. This can be for either for places where you live or have lived , your heritage or where you've travelled.

So far I've done Canada, USA & Mexico, Scotland, India and most of western Europe so far. I've either done or plan to do : Hungary/Budapest, Slovakia/Bratislava, the UK (England/London, Wales/Cardiff, Edinburgh, northern Ireland), Spain/Barcelona, Portugal/Lisbon, Scandinavian countries and capitals, Finland, Iceland, Greece/Athens, Ireland/Dublin, Malta, Australia/Sydney, New Zealand/Wellington?, Japan/Tokyo, China/Bejing, Jamaica, Hyderabad India (personal connection), Canadian provinces, New York City, some American National Parks & Canadian national parks. As well, I plan on doing the cities of Minch and Berlin (previously uploaded crest for Germany).

For NZ can you also do Auckland? The Sky tower is quite prominent in that skyline.

For Wellington (NZ) you can use the Beehive (round) parliament building since Wellington is the capital city.

Cant wait for the remaining Canadian provinces and will you do the territories as well?

Thank you for these crests. I have not used them yet, but I will - eventually!!

Oh and thank you for the new TORONTO crest since that is where I live.

Robynn, thank you the suggestions about New Zealand, I'm saving them. (I'm also in Toronto which is why I did it smiley ).

Yes, I'm doing the territories of Canada in addition to the provinces. I will try to finish western Europe before doing some of these others.

I've dl'ed some of your crests, Anne, big fan!
Since you've asked smiley
Australia, states and territories, major cities (Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart, Alice Springs), Southern Cross crest, Sydney Opera, Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, Kakadu National Park, Whitsunday Islands, Blue Mountains, Purnululu National Park, Great Ocean Road, Fraser Island, Cable Beach.

Wow, that's a lot. I planned on doing Australia and Sydney and I'll add some of the others to my "to do" list.

smiley smiley Great to hear.

Thanks for the Swedish and Danish flairs. Very pretty.

These are so fun! Will you be making any more? Thanks for your contribution!


I haven't been oniine much recently. I've been trying to limit my time as I'm currently getting physiotherapy on my shoulder on my dominant side,

feel better Anne

Get well soon!!