Roll Call for 8.5x11/8x10/A4 Scrappers

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Roll Call for 8.5x11/8x10/A4 Scrappers

I scrap 8.5x11. Over the years, I've gotten adept at modifying designs from a square layout to a rectangular portrait-style one. But still - sometimes it's nice to see what others are doing with a rectangle canvas! If you predominantly scrap 8.5x11 or 8x10 or A4 or any other rectangle size, leave a link to your gallery below so we can all get some inspiration!

Teddy Prayer - 8.5x11 -

Great idea!

Marlyn on my CT is a rectangular scrapper:
I love her layouts, and she often modifies layout templates to her size, so it's good inspiration if you're looking to use the square templates on offer here.

Yes! Marlyn has some great layouts smiley I've scraplifted her a few times (including on my recent Rocket Science layout)

I scrap 8.5x11, mostly in grid layouts (so I can get more pictures & journalling in!) but rarely post layouts. I'll have to try to do more this year - both scrapping & posting!

NOTE: I'm a hybrid scrapper so my layouts, captions, & journalling are done on my laptop (or were before PSE died - I'm waiting for Adobe to send me a download link for 2019 & they're taking their sweet while smiley ). Once done, I print out the bits, cut them up & paste them down. Most of what I post here are the computer previews of the layouts rather than the actual hybrid layout (which is why there's no shadows or textures showing). I'm going to try to get better about that this year, too.

My gallery is here:

And thanks for posting this, Teddy - I'm loving seeing other rectangular scrappers' work!

Love the grids you use, Sarah! Nice seeing how to make lots of photos (& journalling) fit on the page!

glad I provided you with some inspiration, Teddy. smiley

I make 8x10 layouts, as I have my layouts printed by a photo lab which doesn't make square prints. and because I like using templates i convert square templates into 8x10 ones.

you can find my gallery here:

me,me me!!
I had such a hard time with 12x12 but switched and never went back. I am just starting to get back into scrapping after about 15 years (I can't believe I have adult children) so don't have anything uploaded yet. I am working on a 5x7 book for my daughter right now.

Yay!! Welcome Nancy!

I always want to get into it.

I make A4 Layouts because I print them as photobooks and A4 (or 20 x 30 cm) is the polular size here in Germany.
In the past I purchased all my 12x12 papers for my CM albums in the U.S. during our vacation.

Oh, I hope we see some of yours soon, Gonda smiley . That's really why I started scrapping 8.5x11, so that I could print them on my printer at home. But most recently I've had them printed as "posters" in a print shop . . . I really like how they turned out and it was much less expensive than photo prints (which you can't get in 8.5x11, I've learned . . . )

Let us know if you give rectangular a try, Bina!

I have quite some rectangular on my blog but it is not your format. I use 6x8. I should really tag the ones as rectangular that are in my PixelScrapper gallery smiley I think there might be a 6x8 freebie template album somewhere on my blog smiley I really should be switching to your format.

6x8 is rectangle too smiley I wish pixelscrapper had an option when you upload a layout to select "square/portrait/landscape" kind of like you select "digital/hybrid" . . . because if we just tag "rectangle", we get layouts that USE rectangles. I've been tagging mine 8.5x11 - but there's so many other versions of rectangle, it doesn't make searching much easier.

@Teddy: That's a great idea! Luckily Jordan should be able to add that in at some point, as we can scan the dimensions of the layouts and add a filter for it.

smiley Sounds awsome.

I agree - that sounds amazing, Marisa!

I can so see what you mean! Here is my tagcloud of 6x8s . I am so switching to 8.5x11 tho. I made a bunch of templates today on the train.
Marisa, would you know why there are layouts appearing in my tagcloud that do not have the tag that I am searching for?

Bina, I'm guessing it's pulling anything with the word "inch" . . .

smiley Thank you Teddy, that must be the case . smiley

Inspiring! I create journal pages using 8.5x11 but now I am going to try layouts as well. I really like the graphic look of the grid layouts. Thanks for posting.

I don't know how I overlooked this! I design 12x12 since that's the standard, but I scrap 8.5x11. My husband asked that I not post layouts with our kids in them online, and that's 95% of what I scrap, so I don't have a gallery. I'll see if I can find some that are kid-free and upload them soon!

Brandi, you could also do what I've seen others do and just put a grey/black/other color circle over all the faces. Assuming, of course, that would satisfy your husband's request.

Scrapping 8.5x11 is a fabulous idea. Not only because I could print at home, but 3 ring binders with page protectors! Maybe I need to rethink my designs. smiley

April, that's why I originally started scrapping 8.5x11 smiley

I just started scrapping 8.5x11 this week, I've gotten 8 pages done. I love my 12x12 so this is taking some getting used to.

Welcome to the dark side smiley

The thought to create binders, crossed my mind, since this year began. I have plans to make 8.5x11 pages for photo albums (family and vacations with brochures), school, genealogy, scrapbook layouts and a bullet-style journal. I'm hoping to begin once my craft room is set up (we just moved into a new house). I think keeping them in (black) binders will be nice and sleek on a bookshelf and look "professional" enough for someone to flip through.

I prefer to use 8.5 x 11 landscape for most of my projects. And yes, I've learned to work with the square backgrounds. Once I get my 25 credits, I'll start uploading some of my favorite pages.

Can't wait to see some of them, Lisa!

Hi Teddy, I do both and I often make 8.5 x 11 layouts and stuff for my kids 3 ring binders of stuff. I like it a lot to scrap their artwork. Your gallery is beautiful. I also have them printed at staples as color copies! smiley

Aww - thanks, Kelly smiley Would love to see some of your 8.5x11 sometime! I get mine printed once a year as "posters" at a small printshop connected to a nonprofit I've worked with before. Win-win, because my printing supports the nonprofit - although I'm not sure how long it will last. I know the printer will be retiring sometime in the not too distant future, and I'm not sure there's plans to replace him . . .