Roll Call for 8.5x11/8x10/A4 Scrappers

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I have started scrapping 8 X 8, I was going through my craft stash and found a treasure trove of 8 x 8 photo books with the plastic sleeves. Plus, I can still print them on my printer. It is easy to size dow the 12 x 12 background papers too

Thank you, Teddy, for pointing me here. I usually scrap 8.5x11" when I'm doing physical books, but I'm new to digital. I expect I'll do mostly hybrid, and the occasional all-digital scrapping will probably be a bit more outside the box.

I do all of my layouts 8 1/2 x 11. When I get them printed out I used to use HP photo printing software but they don’t exist anymore. Looking for a new company. I like to use about 100 pages.

Are you looking for a photo book or do you print out individual pages? I found a small print shop that prints mine as "posters", but I just put them in page protectors so that works for me.

I can't print them myself but I used to get photobooks made. I designed the covers and everything and they usually held about 100 pages.

I scrap with 8.5x11 pages because they are easier for me to store and print. nice to see I'm not the only one. Wonder who started the 12 x12 trend.... The scrap book paper making companies that existed long before digital became a thing?