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Oh my goodness...ok....Deana....I have to amend my confession....I too am a scrap hoarder. smiley

My confession is I am definitely a hoarder. I hoard everything, digitally. Fonts (got thousands!), elements, papers, kits, templates. You know it, I've got it.

As a designer, I have difficulties coming up with themes. My kits seem to end up being more generic-based instead of theme-based. I wish I had a better creative spark for this.

I also wish I had more ability with creating layouts. I see some uploaded on here and they're simply amazing. I don't feel I'll ever get to that level.


I downloaded a 90 day free trial of Affinity design and I am going to try that. Thanks for the suggestion.


Great Robynne Let me know what you think of it. I think they are still on sale for half price.
Affinity Photo is more similar to Photo Shop and Affinity Designer is more like Illustrator. At least that is what I've read.
I'd love to hear how it goes. I know a little about how they work but not much.

The half price deals ends tomorrow but even then $70 for a high quality graphics program is still a good price. I can stretch for that if I do decide to get this. I'm not rushing out to get it. I cant. I have a limited budget and there are others things I need to get.

I have 90 days to chec k this out. I plan to take my time.

The one thing I do have to learn is that I have to remember to CREATE a new layer every single time.

Paint dot net created the new layer automatically every time you added a new element...

About that hoarding... is there some kind of scrapaholics anonymous, or someone who can talk some sense into me on purging some of this stuff? I just spent about an hour scrolling through the organizer on my Photoshop Elements just tagging the paper as paper. And that was with the help of a search. I don't even recognize at least half of this stuff. Yiiiiikes.

smiley smiley I know, right? I have so many folders, sub-folders and so on. I think I'm organized until I go to find something then WHAM...
I hit a brick wall trying to find what I'm looking for. That leads me to what you said... as I'm looking for one thing my squirrel brain kicks in gear and I'm off chasing rabbit trails through my folders viewing all the lovely items I've saved. Now I think to solve this I need my very own forum like this one that just zips to things so fast. A computer search takes too long in my computer lol I'll be another member of the Scrapaholics Anonymous club... oh wait... does that mean I can't keep gathering kits and items if I join? If so I'll have to skip that club and stay where I'm at. rofl

Great read! Fun thread.

The only scrpbooking files I ever really organize are the ones I make, like LOs or graphics.

The other graphics just go into the SB_kits_month_year folder and sit there until they are either accepted into another folder, like SB_faves or being either deleted or relocated to some less prime location like an external hard drive usually after a month or so.

I have never tagged SB supplies, usually relying on search functions and deleting regularly.
Now that is for kits.

A whole different thing is going for templates and Adobe tools as in brushes, styles, patterns. Things are not tagged and flagged and backed but they are all together (yay) with a PV folder to give an idea.
Love to browse PS graphics. smiley

I have 3 external drives. 1 for personal, 1 for commercial use(this also includes all program supplies), and another for PU.
I use to have such a mess. Now at least I have specific drives I can go to when doing certain projects and know that I won't use a PU image in a commercial product. Each drive has a main preview folder and then folders for each site then subfolders for each person/business they belong to. I make sure that my preview, kit/set, and zip have the same exact names. This helps me find where to look if I find a preview I want to use an item from. At times I still end up having a hard time finding what I want. I think it could be that I'm a hoarder and just have way too much stuff but then again... if I didn't have all this stuff I still wouldn't find what I wanted because I wouldn't have it. RIGHT??? such a conundrum lol

My confession is that I can't put a layout together to save my life. I HAVE to use a template. I don't use it verbatim, I switch it up a little bit and modify it some but if you put a blank screen in front of my face and say "create" I'm like "derp derp huh???". However, I can create a little mini kit in no time flat.

I have no idea how to use photoshop. I use a different scrapbooking program entirely and Im not very good at it smiley

But I will learn photoshop someday!

OMG so glad i am not the only hoarder in here. My PC is exploding by all the cliparts and my attich is so full with stamps and all kinda stuff.

I go through files sometimes to delete things, but it is hard, sort of like giving away your grandmother's stuff. You'd think I would have lived through the great depression with that attitude.

I confess that I rely on templates to get my layouts moving. If not, I will spend forever trying to figure out the right layout. It is never right, LOL.

Shell, you are describing me exactly. My clusters always look like a child threw some stuff into the corner. smiley

Exactly, Karry....Nothing scarier than a blank page! smiley

OK, confession: I have been scrapping so long that I've seen techniques and products come back into fashion 3 times, at least. Embarrassing that I still have some of the products that were released initially. I've slowly been purging most of my old paper and glue supplies and while that makes me feel better, I'm adding digital supplies at a pretty quick pace too.

One more: I have about 4 boxes of completed layouts that have yet to be put into albums. I need to go through them and decide which ones I no longer care for, remove the photos and pitch the rest in the bin.

Such a great thread!

Hoarder with a capitol H here. I just counted 9 full flash drives of EVERYTHING digital.

Need something, LOL.

I'm loving all the quick pages - thank you to the clever people who make them all.

When I wasn't so time poor, I loved putting together my own layouts from the kits, and playing around with the colours, etc ...
In my early days of scrapbooking I even had a go at making some of my own embelishments. I made a realistic looking transparent rainbow once, and some Studio Ghibli characters, a fence, etc ...

I have never had much patience for traditional scrapbooking, even though I don't mind making cards every now and then. When I make cards though, I usually keep them pretty simple!

I also confess that I sometimes go for months without scrapbooking, and then do a HEAP all at the one time.

We have instructions here for sharing images in the forums.

Specific directions for sharing from the gallery here.

Thanks x

Another hoarder here -- that is until my hard drive crashed recently. Unknown at the time the back up flash drive was corrupted so a double whammy. I can cry which does no good or start rebuilding while a professional tries to recover anything off the flash, the hd is a confirmed dead horse.

The hoarder part remains tho, lol. I love templates, so easy and quick to work with and can use bits and pieces from several for a different look. My confession - I don't like flowers or 'fru fru' on my pages. Trying to possibly change my style now that I'm starting over.

I am a pretty fast scrapper but I ALWAYS start with a template. I almost always swap out the elements on the template for my own. I've been seeing alot of templates lately that are all done and you are supposed to just put your photo in and some papers and be done. I really don't understand this because then your layout looks like everyone else's that bought that template. So if there is a flower on the template, I'll find my own flower or other element to go there. Also, I have 100's of kits and templates and have a serious problem with continuing to buy/download new things. I also have a really tough time doing multiple photo layouts (which I'm sure you can tell from my gallery). I'm also hopeless when it comes to remembering to take photos when I'm anywhere, so that limits the amount of photos I have to use smiley