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Oh my goodness...ok....Deana....I have to amend my confession....I too am a scrap hoarder. smiley

My confession is I am definitely a hoarder. I hoard everything, digitally. Fonts (got thousands!), elements, papers, kits, templates. You know it, I've got it.

As a designer, I have difficulties coming up with themes. My kits seem to end up being more generic-based instead of theme-based. I wish I had a better creative spark for this.

I also wish I had more ability with creating layouts. I see some uploaded on here and they're simply amazing. I don't feel I'll ever get to that level.


I downloaded a 90 day free trial of Affinity design and I am going to try that. Thanks for the suggestion.


Great Robynne Let me know what you think of it. I think they are still on sale for half price.
Affinity Photo is more similar to Photo Shop and Affinity Designer is more like Illustrator. At least that is what I've read.
I'd love to hear how it goes. I know a little about how they work but not much.

The half price deals ends tomorrow but even then $70 for a high quality graphics program is still a good price. I can stretch for that if I do decide to get this. I'm not rushing out to get it. I cant. I have a limited budget and there are others things I need to get.

I have 90 days to chec k this out. I plan to take my time.

The one thing I do have to learn is that I have to remember to CREATE a new layer every single time.

Paint dot net created the new layer automatically every time you added a new element...

About that hoarding... is there some kind of scrapaholics anonymous, or someone who can talk some sense into me on purging some of this stuff? I just spent about an hour scrolling through the organizer on my Photoshop Elements just tagging the paper as paper. And that was with the help of a search. I don't even recognize at least half of this stuff. Yiiiiikes.

smiley smiley I know, right? I have so many folders, sub-folders and so on. I think I'm organized until I go to find something then WHAM...
I hit a brick wall trying to find what I'm looking for. That leads me to what you said... as I'm looking for one thing my squirrel brain kicks in gear and I'm off chasing rabbit trails through my folders viewing all the lovely items I've saved. Now I think to solve this I need my very own forum like this one that just zips to things so fast. A computer search takes too long in my computer lol I'll be another member of the Scrapaholics Anonymous club... oh wait... does that mean I can't keep gathering kits and items if I join? If so I'll have to skip that club and stay where I'm at. rofl