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Scrapping on the iPad

I recently got an iPad and it has totally reinvigorated my desire to make layouts. I used to struggle to get them decorated, mostly I think because I spend so much time on my computer that I didn't want to sit at it more in my free time. But since the iPad is portable and only works by touch, I'm totally hooked! I've made so many layouts in the past couple of weeks. Even regular ones with no pockets!

Just checking in to see who else is scrapping on the iPad, what you're using to scrap and how much fun you're having smiley

I've mostly been using the Photoshop app. Which is great, except you can't add shadows. So I do have to finish my layouts off on the computer, but the interface is pretty smooth and simple, so I like it otherwise. Maybe they'll add in layer effects one of these days.

I use my phone which isn’t easy or ideal. But I can do it in the same room as the toddler which is the primary plus point. 😂 I may have to get some of the apps on the hubby’s iPad because I love the flexibility of scrapping anywhere.

The phone has the additional plus of always being with me so I can tinker with a layout while out & about (although obviously there’s less out & about at the moment)

over app is good (you can do shadows but on the phone it’s hard to get much control). I can only hope it’s better on the iPad version.

To also like project life for doing grids which I then usually export to over (or my computer) to actually scrapbook with. It takes away the need to line things up which I wouldn’t even bother trying on my phone. It’s easy to do journaling but not all the fonts print cleanly which is annoying. I sometimes do a whole layout then add some embellishments or a title in over or photoshop. There are loads of free PL kits you can use but of course you can also import your own (as photos)

I also then use a variety of other apps for specific things such as photoshop mix for “clipping” things to pngs (I’ll have to double check the process exactly but the option comes up when you drag one layer onto another) and shape clipper for cutting my pp into shapes to use as embellishments.

There are some good Facebook groups for app-scrapping.

I want to play around with scrapping on the tablet in the future, but for now, I'm just playing around with Procreate (awesome!) and a few Goodnotes type apps (has layout potential, but not much graphic potential).

I'm looking forward to upgrading to a much larger tablet in the near future since I'm using a pretty small tablet. I simply can't imagine how you do any scrapbooking on your phone, Kat!

Hahaha yeah. It’s frustrating. But perhaps that’s why I need to use so many different apps.

For a long time I did 6x4 memory keeping of photo on one side journaling on the other. It works really well on holiday and for mini-memories.

>> I've mostly been using the Photoshop app. Which is great, except you can't add shadows.

Really hoping shadows are one of the next updates. Maybe during AdobeMax? Has everyone suggested shadows under “suggested features?”

Have to admit Photoshop is a steep learning curve when switching from computer PS to iOS PS. I cn’t tell you how many YouTube videos I had to watch and how much time it took me to discover the buried commands that pop up when you need them.

The iPad is continually frustrating me. I am totally lost on how to save papers/elements/etc from the daily credits. When I press download it loads the paper or element on a webpage, but it won’t let me save it. How do I get it to my files or into photoshhop?

And yes it is driving me crazy trying to learn scrapbooking on the iPad when I know I have multiple hard drives Of scrapbook files sitting in a safety deposit box Waiting for me to get another computer.

Anyway I would really appreciate any advice / instructions on how to deal with the downloads that are not zip files.

And OMG! I love the Photoshop Camera app. That thing is so wonderful!!!

I'm surprised you find Photoshop so difficult on the iPad. Are you just trying to make layouts? Or do more complicated designing? I've found it pretty intuitive. I'll see if I can make a video next time I make a layout, that might help.

I think for your downloads, you just need to change the settings for Safari and where the downloads are being saved. I have mine set to "on my iPad" and they're easy to find there through Photoshop.

Finding the image in Photoshop:

Hope that helps!

I’ll try safari for downloads. On Chrome the smaller files just load an amazon page with the paper or element shown but it won’t let me save them.

My difficulty with photoshop on the iPad is figuring out where the commands I used on computer are on the iPad. I won’t tell you how long it took me to find the icon to add images. It gets easier the more I play with it.

Yes, I did have to stop using Chrome because the downloads don't work there. One of these days Jordan will fix that.

Love your new profile photo Marisa!!! smiley


I use Affinity Photo or Over. I love scrapping on my iPad.