Scrapping without templates

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Scrapping without templates

How did you guys start to break away from using layout templates? I can't seem to just dive in and experiment.

I use Pinterest or scrapbook galleries for inspiration. When I find some layouts that have some of the "look" that I want (usually I pull from more than one and combine them a bit), I start making the overall shapes of the design on a blank page so that my layout kind of looks like a template to start off. But as I start adding my photos and embellishments into those shapes, I move them around and resize and the layout continues to evolve and morph to meet the needs of my photos and the story I want to tell. But perhaps I design this way since I love templates and love using and making them from the layouts that I create, so my brain just continues to treat new layouts like a new template. smiley

I also enjoy using templates on a regular basis, as it speeds up the process for me. But I’ve also had good success with following the challenges here to force me to think outside of them. Especially ones like the monthly “recipe” challenge.

I started with scraplifting pages I really liked from galleries or pinterest. I think this helped gain a better sense of what I like about a page and made me want to try and see what I could come up with on my own... But usually, I rely on templates as I have little time to scrap so it speeds up the process a bit and I can focus on telling the story I want to tell smiley

I don't use templates at all. Ok, one exception - in challenges that make me to use one smiley

Definitely scraplifting! That's how I started scrapbooking. I rarely use a template.