seamless pattern in photoshop?

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seamless pattern in photoshop?

I am having the hardest time with this. I want to take an image of shabby chic flowers, like you would use as a background, and make a seamless pattern to use as a scrapbook paper. i can transform the paper it fit my canvas and thats fine. Is this acceptable for a paper kit? or does it have to be seamless?

No, papers do not have to be seamless at all. But in case you want to look into making patterns with PS (I recommend Illustrator instead, it is literally at a click whereas PS involves way more work), Marisa has shared an entire section about pattern making, they all sit in the tutorial forum smiley

Thanks so much. I've been thinking about Illustrator but havent decided yet. I may try the free trial on my days off and see how it goes. Is it fairly easy to learn?

Yw!! smiley There are many tuts and the pattern making is very simple, you can do it after watching a tut even if you never used Ai before. Really.
It is a rather comprehensive app tho.

I need to take a peek at that myself!
I have the "All Apps" of Adobe and have hardly touched any besides Photoshop!

I hear ya, @Jenifer Lyn! There are about 60 or so apps in CC and before I can discover all of them, I need longer days...say days with 48 instead of 24 hours... lol and a new computer .


It has taken quite some time to get the hang of PS itself, and I
have a LOT more to learn, even coming from Paint Shop Pro.
I would be lost all over again if I tried another. HaHaHa.
Is AI about the same as PS?! It looked similar in many ways to me.
I want to try After Effects, but felt quite intimated when I opened it.
There are so many fantastic options & apps, I just need to remind myself
that I can't learn them all in a few months, let alone just one of them! HaHaHa

smiley @Jenifer Lyn: Here is a nice rundown. I find Adobe's academy or university or however they call their tut section at the moment really brilliant. I love Adobe tv (it's their streaming service on CC), esp. the Thursday gig on creating characters. And yup, I wouldn't be able to judge that... I feel when I am using both programs I'm learning all the time

Like Bina said you certainly do not need a seamless pattern to have a scrapbook paper.

However, with that said, I make seamless patterns all the time so I can adjust and play around with sizes of the pattern too. And in case those with Adobe Photoshop didn't know, they now have an EASY pattern maker. (They did not used to.) This was a game changer for my pattern making.

1. File->New to create a new file (I usually just start with a 12x12 at 300dpi but you could go smaller)
2. Goto View->Pattern Preview. Your blank image will now have a blue outline.
3. Add some things like flowers, shapes, or whatever you want your pattern to be within that blue outline. If you zoom out you can view the pattern, which is also seamless now. If you use this and want to rotate an item, be sure to bring it back into within the blue lines, otherwise you might see some oddities.
4. Once you have your desired pattern goto Edit->Define pattern to grab your pattern.
5. Save your file as a psd (or tif) to keep your layers for future editing.

Like you Jenifer, I have the whole package of Adobe. But I have been using Photoshop since 1997 (close to 30 years now!), so I know it more through and through. With Illustrator, which I only recently have became acquainted with, I have figured out to do a few things but I am still not as comfortable in it as I am with Photoshop - which is pretty well where I live when I'm on my computer lol!

@ Bina! That is such a great article! Thank you so much for sharing!
I hope to integrate the two indeed! ❥

@Jess! Thank you so much for sharing that bit about making patterns!
I look forward to making them & had no idea that PS made it that easy!
Wow! 30 years?! It shows! Your work is flawless!
I wanna be like you when I grow up! * Giggles ❥

Thanks for the Photoshop update Jessica!

Thanks! I need to play around with that.