Share Your Favorite Layout from 2021

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Share Your Favorite Layout from 2021

Share below a favorite layout you made this year, and a favorite layout made by someone else this year.

Here is my favorite of mine:

It's really hard to pick a favorite of someone else. I have so many good ones hearted! But I'll go with this one from Jessica:

This made me realize I almost exclusively scrap for getting all of the pictures and activities we've done in, and not for beauty. Maybe in 2022 I will try and make a layout a month that is more of getting in touch with some beauty and scrap lovely layouts like I see in the galleries. I love this layout by Jessica because it gets a lot of pictures in and lots of journaling but it is still gorgeous. 2022 goals!

@Kelly: One of my goals for 2022 is also to make more "beautiful" layouts. For a long time I've mostly been making my pocket layouts, which I love, but is a particular thing.

Before this year, I hadn't done any scrapping since 2019. I picked my favorite from that year, but it wasn't uploaded to the gallery here so I just uploaded it. I also couldn't choose just one of all the layouts from last year. I did ,however, narrow it down to 2.

Here's mine.

And two from others from last year.


@Marisa & @Kelly smiley smiley smiley

A favorite of mine...

And this stunning one from Esther...

But I agree choosing only 1 is soooo difficult! It actually took me several days to narrow it down lol!

Tough one.

By Michelle Belisle Beautiful muggy mornings...

By myself

A favorite of mine...

And wow...I have so many favorites by other amazing's one...among many:

Thanks everyone for sharing!


just discovered, are you allowed to continue or is there a time limit?

Please continue to share!

How do you share your images here? Mine are saved as jpeg files ... I've tried to copy and paste, but to no avail x

We have instructions here for sharing images in the forums.

Specific directions for sharing from the gallery here.