Should AI-Generated Designs Be Clearly Labeled?

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Should AI-Generated Designs Be Clearly Labeled?

We've had some discussion on this topic, and I'd like to get everyone's opinion:

Would you like to see AI-generated and AI-assisted designs clearly labeled on (Log in to vote)

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Although I myself will never use artificial intelligence in my work, I will gladly give it to those who feel that they can benefit from it. And since everything else here is voluntary, why not the use of artificial intelligence as well. Viewers will notice the difference smiley

I don't like to see AI-generated designs, but if they will be uploaded on, I think it would be better that they were clearly labeled though, as Pirkko says, most people can notice the difference. Thank you for asking, Marisa.

I believe AI should be labeled as such. I am perfectly fine with people using AI to create scrapbooking designs (some are unbelievably gorgeous). I see AI as another tool in a bag of tricks, and I'm looking forward to getting Midjourney myself. The difference being, though, is that AI designs are not exactly user-created. Meaning, while one may feed AI with prompts, AI is generating the prompts into an image from existing imagery that said prompter did not create (draw, paint, digital art, what have you). I feel that stating it's AI-generated would be on the same level as, for example, giving Marisa credit when using one of her paper templates in a kit you've designed.

I'm honestly not a fan of the AI push, even though I'm sure I could use it to design things that I'm not currently capable of otherwise. It feels almost like a cheat code to me. But if they're going to be on here, they should absolutely be labeled.

I am a very new designer in the commons an AI has been a starting point for me in this area. I have no problem in marking my elements as AI generated as I do when I use it in my layouts. I spend an incredible amount of time cleaning up to make them suitable and this has helped me understand a lot of the principles of creating my own pieces. I am not an artist and AI allows me be creative. This site has great tutorials and I am working through those as well. I understand how artists feel strongly about AI but unfortunately it is probably here to stay so setting the ground rules early is important.

Maybe a little off topic but I'm not a fan of AI images being used in scrapbook layouts for promotional purposes. Is scrapbooking not primarily about preserving memories and highlighting our own photos any more ?

It doesn't matter to me whether ai is labeled or not. Personally, though, I'd like to see ai generated papers and elements have their own category like the commons or graphics section. And it's only because it would just make things easier and quicker for me to get through things when I'm looking for something. If I use anything AI, I make it myself. My layouts are all for personal and family enjoyment. I just post them to this gallery to play along with the challenges which I think are fun and they inspire me.

I'm good ether way. IMHO, AI is not really any different than using art from other graphic CU sites.
Adobe Stock Photos (and several other graphic sites) have an option to show all or hide all AI images.

YES - all AI generated products must be labeled as such in my opinion.

Most definitely because AI art scrapes and steals art from artists and illustrators trying hard to make a living. I won’t ever support or use it (knowingly.) In my opinion, AI is not creative… it’s THEFT of IP plain and simple.

I've been curious to know if there was some AI generated art already on Pixel Scrapper. I definitely want to know. It's not the same as art created from scratch and true talent and although it might look a little flashy at first, there are often weird inconsistencies in AI generated imagery. It's not the same and YES I definitely would like to know xoxo

Absolutely. It is important to acknowledge the work that the talented folk on this site do.

Absolsutely. I support a creative human being and hate feeling "duped" when I think a design is from a human and find out it was AI Generated.

I would like to see elements created by IA identified.

Personally, I had started to get involved in commons (without AI) but seeing that more and more elements - even if they are very beautiful - were generated by AI made me give up investing in them. smiley

YES, definitely!

Absolutely! AI work is not the same as human work & the two should be clearly differentiated & labeled. I am less likely to purchase or use AI generated items. They may be pretty, but they lack the character & depth of human created items & art.

It doesn't matter to me either way, though anyone with eyes and experience should be able to clearly differentiate which items are ai and which are not!!

Since I also upload ai items also and did label them at first in the description box, I have stopped doing so. No problem, will start labeling so again.

Those who feel it's "theft", what do yo think you are doing when you buy cu items to create what you call "your creation"?? What graphic did you create from scratch in your kit? Unless you are a designer and design graphics from scratch, I definitely don't think you should be calling ai generated items as "theft".

Anything bought from all the graphic design websites and used as cu to create something else should also be called as "theft" then right??? Because the original items were not your creation!

Anyway, it doesn't matter to me what the nay-sayers think, each man to his own poison!!! As I said in another thread before, you like it, then download and use, don't like, then don't simple as that, it's no skin off anyone's nose!

But of course, as subscribers, you have all the right to know which item is ai or not.

But the Commons designers who upload ai graphics are having a simply great time "creating" ai art purely for the freedom and fun of it! They're not cu items, so nothing much to cry about if people don't want to download my stuff. I do it because the outcome is lovely to look at and I enjoy finding terms to use in my prompts, it's another way of "creating" art, and learning to guide the ai to come up with better graphics.

I think by now many would have come to know how strongly I feel about all this., and I also acknowledge how strongly the nay-sayers feel also!!

P.S.**Maybe all this is can be considered as important for the items, kits and bundles uploaded to the Graphics section but I really can't see the same relevance for the Commons.**

It should be label as such, that is was used.

"They may be pretty, but they lack the character & depth of human created items & art."

This very well encapsulates how I feel. I'm not necessarily against using AI stuff (though I haven't in any of my scrapbooks yet -- that I know of), but I definitely want to know what is and isn't AI.

I don't agree that it has to be listed.We all use different tools in our artistry. Even using Photoshop tools (brushes, hue, jitter, etc) could be thought of as using a sort of AI. Why take away or have to report the use of a tool in your artistry?

Fibul: Don't let AI art stop you from designing and contributing to the Commons. If you enjoy it and love it, then do it! I'm sure the people who downloaded your designs in the past would welcome new designs from you. smiley

Yes, please! I am not against AI, per se, but would like to know when I'm looking at it.

I have had fun creating with AI, but don't own a software, yet. I would like to create with MY OWN images, however. While I'm not a fan of "faking it" in photography, I understand the reasoning behind it. I've seen so many over-saturated images on Facebook photog groups that I often wonder if they are AI, or just user "enthusiasm". I see lots of AI landscapes that may come from some of those images. A really good AI artist can make images look so real that THAT is the part I do NOT like.

I have used my own description, descriptive words, phrases when I make AI generated images with DALLE3, It is not magic to get a really good image. Yes, they should be labeled, but not DISCOUNTED as art. Using our creative thoughts and words, to generate AI art is so fulfilling!

I would like to see them labelled, but I am not against using them. Everything I create uses someone's artwork as I can't make my scrapbook pages without downloaded items from sites like this. That's why I am so grateful when people are generous with their art. All my digital and paper crafting uses items and artwork from others, without this I couldn't craft or create. That's why I label what I have used and where it's from. It's about credit being given where credit is due, and if I make something using AI generated artwork, I would want to make people aware.

I think it clearly has possibilities either way. If I have a photo that I'm including on a scrapbook page and I want it to spread further on one side or another I will use AI and have been very happy. But if I was using it to create a design, especially one that I was selling, I wouldn't dream of taking credit for something AI created.

They should be labeled.

I really don't care. I think some AI is lovely and some is not. But, if I want to use an AI generated picture I will.

As a designer who uses AI and as an administrator of a digital scrapbooking store, I am all for transparency. Our store requires designers to label all AI-generated products with a CU license in their product description (this is using AI 50% or more as small edits like fixing some unwanted spots or blurry areas or whatever on a real photo with Photoshop's AI-powered tools like generative fill or the remove tool shouldn't be a problem for anyone).
I don't think you can enforce it for Personal Use products though, at least not until every resource site, store, marketplace requires their vendors to indicate it on their products (and some clearly refuse to do so as of now), as they may not even know if the CU resources they bought to create their kit were free of AI. Since you offer CU, I think yes, you should definitely label things.

We know that there are customers who are clearly against the use of AI, some shops don't allow their designers to use AI, some don't care and some are totally fine with it. Personally I want to know if it's AI or not when I buy something. I'll buy AI if it's done well rather than buying blurry real photo extractions or extractions from stock photos (which stocksites like Adobe Stock, iStock, etc don't allow at all, but that's a whole other story).

What I absolutely hate is when people make items with AI and then do not take the time to quality check and extract properly, for example. There are TONS of very poor quality products on the major marketplaces now. I don't appreciate that. I think no matter what you sell, it should always be quality over quantity.

There are some engines out there that can make super realistic items that you CANNOT tell from just looking at the preview if it's AI or not - and things are going to keep getting better and better, so at some point it will be mostly impossible to tell. We will just have to live with it, wether we like it or not, it can't be undone, AI is there and it won't go away. And actually, that's why I think everyone should label their items as AI if it is AI - I just see it as another tool in my box, but like anything else, AI can be used to do incredibly awesome things, but it can also do a lot of harm. There will be regulations, rules, laws - whatever you want to call them and it's best to have been honest and transparent before those regulations make you do it.

Sorry, didn't want to write a novel LOL

I think it should be clearly marked. So many designers here produce lovely work, it kind of seems unfair to them to have AI being compared to theirs.

It should be marked for sure


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