Someone stole my free graphics - lost inspiration

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Someone stole my free graphics - lost inspiration

Have you ever been in such trouble? Someone stole my free graphics and sell them on a Portuguese website.

I feel very bad and now I am not able to find inspiration and I don't know how to deal with this.

I have losen my confidence and now I cannot design... any help?

Have you informed the owners of the website? Honestly though, it is frustrating. It happens more than you can imagine...but you shouldn't let them beat you. Yes, it's terrible but try and try again. Don't let them stop you doing what you like. I would first check with the website and send them a DMCA notice:

Oh, Vivienne you are very kind, thank you very much for your advice. It seems though very complicated to achieve any reward, but I will try!
Thank you!!

I'm sorry this happened. It's unfortunately pretty common in the digital world. The best advice I can give you is to file a DMCA takedown request as Vivienne suggests and move on. Focus on those who enjoy what you create and respect your terms.

Thank you Rose for your kindness, too

Unfortunately as digital designers we all run into this at some point. It's not fun to deal with, so I always try to focus on how much I enjoy designing and the lovely feedback I get here at Pixel Scrapper. That's what really matters smiley

Thank you Marisa, that's very kind of you!

I am sorry, Sonia. Please do not let this stop you. Your designs are beautiful smiley

Sonia, I am so sorry someone has hurt your heart this way. You have a gentle generous spirit and you take great pleasure in your creations. If you allow this bad experience to dull your desire to create, it will only hurt you more... and the bad guy wins. If you create for the joy of creating, you win every time. Even if someone "steals" your work, please do not let them steal your joy. Create in spite of them, enjoy sharing your work, and be at peace...

Thank you very much, Bina and Madge!

All your kind words encourages me to continue making artwork!

That is awful

Don't ever let bad people steal your joy along with your designs. You bring the heart to your work - they will never win. As to confidence, remember that thieves come after the good stuff, so you know your art is good.

Sonia I am so sorry that someone did that to you I have had problems in the past with Signature Tags being stolen in the.past I hate it . But please do not let it ruin your joy in scrapbooking and your designing ,, You and the others who shares your designs here does a wonderful job and I along with the others appreciate so much love to you

I thank you very much for your words!!