Spanish Phrases/Frases en Español

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Spanish Phrases/Frases en Español

I'm thinking to translate some of my label sheets into Spanish, and include Spanish labels in the future. If there are any Spanish phrases you'd like to see, let me know please!

Estoy pensando en traducir algunas de mis labels al español e incluir labels en español en el futuro. Si hay alguna frase en español que le gustaría ver, ¡hágamelo saber!

Es un buen idea! Personalmente, quiero frases y palabras sobre viajar. Pero, claro que si, ahorita no tengo ideas especificas jajaja. Estoy emocionada para ver este projecto! Buena suerte, amiga, y gracias!

Anything having to do with Abuela and Abuelo would be great!

Ditto this. We're not Spanish speakers, in general, but my husband's mother is "Abuela" to my kids.

I'd start with days of the week, months of the year, holiday greetings, birthday greetings, and phrases for life events like weddings and graduations, quinceanera (I probably murdered the spelling, but I think you get the gist, anyway), engagements, baptism and first communion since there's a large Catholic contingent in the Latinx community, love, good days, bad days, seasons, siestas, fiestas, perfect moments, the good life, being together with loved ones, travel destinations and phrases, tea and coffee and books/reading....

That's by no means a complete list, but it should add more usability for Spanish speakers to a large percentage of your kits.

c'est une bonne idé pourquoi pas , le faire aussi en français....

@Mutti: I have certain contacts for Spanish. I understand quite a lot myself and my sister is a translator, so she can help me make sure it's good in the end. If someone feels confident in their English-French translation, I would consider working with you to translate some of my labels.

@Marisa. She said, "It's a good idea. And why not do it in French too."

le français est ma langue peux t'aider si tu veux..

@Mutti: I'll send you the labels I'm working on via email.

que lindo! me encantaría ver frases como:
Pensando en ti
Que tus sueños sean más grandes que tus miedos
Se la mejor versión de ti mismo
Se la mejor versión de ti misma
Vive plenamente
Qué sea un día hermoso!
La historia en fotos
Así sucedió..

Si pienso en algo más, te lo escribiré en éste post, mil gracias por tomar en cuenta a los hispano-parlantes. Qué tengas un lindo día! smiley smiley

@marisa: I send you an answer with mail

Probably family terms in general, too. Not only abuela & abuelo, but hermano, mamá, niños, tía, familia, etc.

@ marisa: tu as reçu mon mail ??

Thank you Mutti! I did get your email. I'll work on the labels today. They're actually for July, but I'll add you to my creative team so you can see them ahead of time smiley