Still collect physical SB supplies?

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Still collect physical SB supplies?

I have yet to make my first digital page. (I'm in a quandary trying to figure out what size album to go with. All I know right now is that the old 12x12's are too huge for me now.

I'm curious though, do you:

A- only print out digi items you want to use in your project?
B- still buy physical items online or in a brick and mortar store?
C- do a bit of both buying in store and online printing?
D- don't print out digi items because you make a digi book?

I'm just curious about what others do. smiley

I never did physical scrapping so I can't help you there. As for what size, I scrap in 12x12 pages. That way I can down size them to any squared size that I choose when I choose to print them. I've only printed one 8x8 book. I had a coupon for a free one and only had to pay shipping. I have all of my layouts saved on my pc/external hard drives. Recently I have decided to purchase a physical 12x12 scrapbook, print out my layouts in 12x12 and put them in plastic covers in the scrapbook. I'm still looking for the 'perfect' scrapbook and checking out printing prices.

Thanks for responding, Jody. I know there are several companies that make 12x12 3-ring binders. I used to buy mine at Hobby Lobby when they were on sale.

A - I don't usually print out materials to scrap with, my printer is uncooperative at best, and incapable of true to colour at worst, so the only things my printer does are print out my "Scrapped" recipe cards, where I do not care if the pretty flowers and highlights are in red, blue, or yellow, as my printer will determine what colour it sees fit to use at its discretion.

B - I have some for card-making, because for weddings I really like to make a 'joke' giftbasket for the happy couple. There's a store brand here called "Budget" and I load them up with cookies, cappuccino in a cup, and chocolate, with a handmade card reminding them to savour the sweet things in life. That said, the 12x12 paper is REALLY HARD to keep in good condition and my storage system for it leaves a lot to be desired, so I try to only buy what I will need.

C - I tend to make mega layouts which I get printed as puzzles. I am working on a few "Yorkie Lover" puzzles now, have made travel blog puzzles, and birthday/bellavita puzzles as well.

D - Most of my digital scrapbooks remain digital. I have grandiose plans about getting some printed someday, but until I figure out how to not take 700 pictures of a 3 day weekend, each and every book is a 100-200 page behemoth and it's at a price point I'm unwilling to pay at this time, but it's frequently on my mind.

All good points, Sylvan. I'd love to see one of your mega puzzles! How many pieces?