Storage sites for blog trains

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Storage sites for blog trains

I wasn't sure where to put this question, so hopefully it's ok here! I've been using the free version of Dropbox to upload the kits for my blog train contributions, and I got an email yesterday saying that my link had been "temporarily suspended for generating too much traffic." I'm not looking to upgrade to the subscription version at this time, as I'm only designing sporadically and we've got a budget to stick to. My twofold question is, a) Has this happened to any of you, and how to fix it so I don't have a broken link sitting in the blog train thread, and b) Aside from Dropbox, what site would you recommend using in the future? (I tried Google Drive during the designer madness challenge, and could NOT make sense of how to get it to link.)

We have some tips here for hosting, with the main idea being that you can send your kit to me and we can host it for you smiley

For Google Drive, once your zip file is uploaded, right click on it in the web viewer and choose "get link". Then you want to switch from restricted, to "anyone with the link". That should work.

I use google drive too. So I am not familiar with any other offerings out there.