Switching from Paper to Digital?

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This is something I need to decide. I do still like to combine paper and digital, but digital does save time and space.

I went digital in 2009 as a method to "catch up" since I was 3 years behind. I caught up and never looked back. In 2011 I donated 1/2 of my paper supplies to our art and severe/profound special ed departments at the school I work at and kept some for my 10 year old and 7 year old. I do have a small stash of supplies my kids know are just for me to do something special with but it amounts to a baby sized shoe box and about 100 sheets of paper. My kids have 2 standing files full of paper and about 3 adult sized shoe boxes of stuff they can use for school projects and their own mini scrapbooks (which they LOVE making). Aside from cards and some displays for the house, I just don't dive in to the traditional stuff anymore.... and have never regretted the switch, ever.

Keep the supplies you use often. As far as not having the right button or wanting to write on the photo you could utilize hybrid scrapbooking. I suppose you could scan your paper layouts into your computer and then write directly on that photo and emblelishments that compliment your photo, etc. smiley

I love paper scrapping and digi scrapping...I digi scrap for almost EVERYTHING for me now but when I'm making a gift or card I love my paper supplies.

I've done lots of small quick books for gifts that are paper scrapping but when I digi scrap I upload the pages and my family put together their own books with my pages.

I would NOT give away paper supplies they are fun to still play with and kids love them if you can let go of the cost in your head and make them just supplies to play with. LOL...

Yeah I'm pretty much with Wren on this one. I've always loved paper, and have been doing it much longer. I love the textures and feel, and actual process of shopping for the designs in person, but lately I can't afford to scrap at the rate I'd like to, and the pack up is tedious. my suupplies are running out. That being said, it does seem that paper and didgi go hand in hand. I may actually need to buy ribbons and buttons to scan to make didgi elements, and I can see myself printing out didgi stuff for my paper things. I'm in the process of digitizing my files and photos, but I'll still keep the originals of our important photos. I'm trying to decide whether to digitize all my school and uni books-about 5 boxes! and if i do, do I throw the originals?

I also know what its like to have a loss and hold onto things, as growing up, I never had a space that was my own, and my mum's schizophrenic, my brothers ran riot, dad lost the plot, and the house was an absolute mess so loads of photos, momentos, journals, videos of us growing up, and glass ornaments I had got destroyed in the mess, or never to be found again.

Wow Jess and I thought I had an interesting childhood. Glad to see you've come out on top of life!
Can I ask a question? What is a Uni Book? I'm not familiar with the term. smiley

I also know what its like to have a loss and hold onto things, as growing up

@Shawna I think Jess is saying her "university" book?

@Janet: ahhhh... duh... LoL smiley

@Shawna Trust me we all have those moments!!!!

i prefer the digi scrap.The supplies are a lot less expensive in the long run and can be used over and over. My friend didn't understand the whole digital scrapbooking process and he asked why i don't just go to a craft store and get the paper and the supplies, i told him it's because it's more expensive and once you use the paper that's it, you've used it!

Really whoever thought of this digital scrapbooking is a genius!!

I'm still in the process of converting from paper to digital, but I have found that I use my existing supplies for kids or other craft projects, too!

Digital is kind of new to me... started this year. The down side is that I don't get to handle paper and glue...lol
The plus side is I get to use my supplies endlessly!