symbols for birth weight and length

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symbols for birth weight and length

for a birth card I am looking for symbols for birth weight, length and time.
I would like to use the "oh baby" bundle and would find it nice if there were matching symbols.
My English may be too bad, so forgive me if this could easily be found through searching.
Maybe you have me tips?
Thank you in advance.

This card is blank, so you can add whatever notes you want. It just says date/age" at the top and "current milestones"

This one is also mostly blank, so you can use your own symbols.

Thank you very much!
..., though it isn't 100% what I'm searching for, instead I was looking for symbols of scales, measuring tape, a clock and a calendar, so I could construct my own, decorated card.
My son gave me the idea to look for the symbols in different computer writing styles. Maybe I'll find something that way.
But still, thank you very much! smiley

Try pixabay. Do your search and select vector or illustrations. They've got heaps of pictures so you might be able to find something.

Freepik is good too. You may be able to find all your symbols in the one collection.

Liebe Tini,

bei diesen PNG-Anbietern bekommst du was dein Herz begehrt zu dem Stichwort Baby und vieles andere:




Viel Spaß beim Stöbern smiley