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Tagging tools

My husband has been scanning old family photos but since many are quite old, he does not know everyone on those photos. He plans on inviting his uncle to help him identify as many as possible. In order to organize the new information, he thinks of renaming EACH file with the names of the people, the location, the date, etc. which would be quite tedious.

I don't have Adobe products like Bridge, and the tagging system in PaintShop Pro is inefficient.

What other way is available to tag photos instead of renaming the files?

Google photos will auto identify everybody, then you just have to go in and add a name for each person.

The people on the top I've named. You can see farther down I haven't bothered to do it. If you click on the image of the person it will take you to all the photos of that person. Much easier than doing it by hand.

Thanks but it is not mainly about identifying people, but locations, time, and other details that could be useful.

Carole, Adobe Bridge is free to use, no payment required.

Carole, Adobe Bridge is free to use, no payment required.

Oh? I thought it was part of the Adobe suite only

There are some features you can not use(e.g. the camera raw plugin), but the tagging is definitely usable in the free version.
You have to make an Adobe account to download. I have the photography plan (with bridge included) but I don't know all the differences between free and included in the plan.



From the adobe forum:

Yes, It’s True: Adobe Bridge CC Is 100% Free for You to Download & Use

As of CC 2019, you just need a free Adobe ID in order to use it. Prior to that (from CC 2013 through CC 2018), you didn't even need that in order to download, install, or use Bridge CC

Thanks Patricia. I will look into that.