Templates for printing digital supplies

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Templates for printing digital supplies

Hi Everyone,

I have been making my own project life cards and printing some of them for use in my physical album. I'm printing in a4 size as most kits I have downloaded or bought seem to use that size.

Does anyone know where to find a template that has a bunch of 3x4 or 4x6 cards laid out on it etc?
I can't find a good combo to get the most out of each page...
or do I just need to design one?

thanks smiley

A4 is the international standard paper size and 8.5x11 inches is what they use in the USA and a few other places. I usually arrange my journal cards on 8.5x11 because that's what I print on. I don't use a template to arrange my journal cards. I just drag the ones I've made onto a blank canvas. I can get 4 3x4 cards or 4x4 cards, or 2 4x6 cards. Generally I don't like to mix my sizes together. These are all my personal preferences and not really based on anything smiley

Thanks Marisa! Yeah, I have issues with mixing the cards up too!!!
I think I'll try those layout ideas that you mentioned and I'll see how I go. It seems easiest to print in a4.

Thanks so much for the reply - your cards are very inspirational!! x