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The Hungry Jpeg

Does anyone here use that site? It looks like they have some pretty good freebies there - downloaded a few of the shiny ones like the rose gold and mermaid paper. Also has some good fonts and other designs.

I'm subscribed and check it on a regular basis, and I know I've seen it mentioned in the Freebies forum by others (which is actually how I found it in the first place).

I found it through googling, but it's awesome that there are links to that site here.

I have downloaded many freebies from this site as well as purchasing images when they have sales. Another similar site that I also like and use is Design Bundles.

Thanks! I'll have to check that site out too!

I have used it once or twice and found a few good things. Sad part is I come across sites and than forget about them. I need to bookmark things more often! *L*.. I have a lot of brain farts lately

LOL I do too. Was actually looking for assets to make my own personal Craft Artist 2 kits. Found loads of stuff smiley

I Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have everything!♥