The mysteries behind designing

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The mysteries behind designing

I neves actually designed anything for digital, except for paper, which can be easy or hard and I always take the
My question is, when you are all designing elements, like, say, a ribbon, do you start from scratch or do you, for example, scan a piece a ribbon and work from there?
I find it all so amazing and magically realistic that I am totally in awe of designers!!!!

Isn't it amazing what some designers come up with!

When I make things for myself I start from a drawing or sketch usually - I then work with that in PS to achieve what I want. I do save things as PSD files so I can tweak the separate layers to fit another layout when I need to. I am just starting my designing journey so I have a long way to go and I will hit a few bumps along the way I'm sure. I am just starting with PS too so I am self teaching myself both at the same time. I don't have a scanner and I think cleaning up that image would take me as long to clean up as starting from scratch.

If you are interested in learning, there are some great tutorials on the website as well as challenges and tutorials in the designer challenges forum!

Thank you all... I am going to look into the tutorials, but I think my photoshop knowledge is limited to

Hi Mariana,

You can also photograph things yourself (figures, ribbons, bows, flowers, buttons, etc. you bought yourself) and then either tube them in the program, cut them out or have them cut out with this great online program.

The same applies to self-photographed backgrounds such as fabric patterns, metal surfaces, large flower surfaces or flower heads from above, there are no limits to the imagination. Then they don't have copyright problems when they publish scraps.

Have fun to design smiley smiley