themed books- what are your themes?

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themed books- what are your themes?

Hello all

I'm currently creating a book for my Atlas Obscura adventures (it is a 12X12, I print from Costco). I am really enjoying the framework around having a theme and find it helps me focus my efforts. I also have a themed book (8.5X11, I print at home) that is about my son. (I only have one child ha so it makes it easy).

Does anyone else scrap in themes? I recognize vacations, or holidays may be a theme, but I really enjoy having the parameters of a theme for my books and I was wondering if anyone else does and what they like to theme their books to be. I am looking forward to your feedback!

(Additional: I did do a google search in the forums but mostly ended up with themed KITS as a result so I hope this wasn't asked already)

I don't do a lot of themed scrapbooking. I have a made a mini book for photos of my teacups, which I like to take.

I am in a slow process- still in my head- of scraping our vacations, our house "before and after", a version of a baby album (7yrs overdue), four school albums, and a family history/memory album.

Right now, I'm in a "pickle" with computer storage and my external hard-drive; they're both saying they're full. I've been burning photos and videos to cds, this week. But of course, I'm worried, because I like having several backup locations and I don't like to delete. Also, burning cds takes forever.

I do theme for vacations and follow the theme all the way through. Here is an example of a vacation theme:

I did a COVID themed album with all my thoughts and so much humor and so many memes in it. That one is called, "And Along Came COVID" - My granddaughter will get all my albums. I figure is she wants to know statistics and all kinds of things on COVID she can just look online - I want her to see we still kept a sense of humor, no matter how bad it got and showed her how we coped, drawing out a lot of humor in the situation. Here is the COVID theme:

I've done several friends themed albums. Just did one, "Making Memories with My Friends".

I like your Covid album! What's also nice about it, is that your granddaughter will have information that may not be around in the future. It's like when we think back to different eras and the facts have seemed to change slightly or you just can't find information on it at all. I wish I had thought about documenting it. Let me go check out your other albums now... smiley

I don't have separate themed albums but my layouts are organized by some general themes based on Stacy Julian's Library Of Memories: Things We Do, Places We Go, People We Love, and All About Us. The All About Us is it's own book and has subsections for me and my two kids.

I believe I first read about this in Stacy's Photo Freedom book as a way to organize photos for scrapbooking. She has also taught a class on it at Big Picture Classes. If you google "library of memories" you should find some blog posts on how other people are using the system.

Thank you Katherine. I really feel it was a sense of humor that got us through 2019. And looking back, I'm sure that was what kept us sane. But I also want my granddaughter to know that the world did turn upside down and change. She will be able to see how it affected every aspect of our lives, even the simplest of things like going to McDonalds or going to the grocery store.

Ive not heard of library of memories but that sounds like a really fun thing to explore, thank you!

You're welcome! I totally agree, she will see how this molded us to be where we are in the next 5-10 years. I wish I documented more, perhaps I will, next year.