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No, this is not a post all about me! smiley
I have done a few pages of a paper album entitled All About Me - a book about me, lists of things, what I think, and such. Has anyone done this digitally? Not so much a journal but more a formal "album" with photos and such. There is a paper scrapbooker with weekly videos that does a paper album with lists like fave movies, fave food, and the like..this is the type of album I'm talking about. Is anyone interested in doing this?

That is an interesting take on an album Beryl. This might be a really good album for kids when they grow up and want to know about a relative/parent. I know there are many things I wish I would have asked my mom but it never seemed to come to mind until after she was gone. I'll have to think about this.

I had started a paper one many, many years ago but just left it as I got busy with life. I would like to get back to it but I think I'm going to have to do it digitally now because I just can't get to my stash at the moment.

I was thinking of doing it digitally because of the ease of sharing it. I did paper ones that my parents and in-laws "filled in" before my son was born. It was a wonderful keepsake for him. Well if I begin my digi one, I'll let you know - maybe we can share some ideas.

Ohh my wheels are starting to turn after reading what Linda and Beryl said... hmmm makes me think of my grandkids having one that I could make for them and they could fill in with pictures and writings about themselves.

I've been wanting to do a digital travelers notebook project, and this could work great for that!

I actually did my AAM album when I first started here at PS (now DS I guess). I did it for the 100 days Challenge and I absolutely LOVED doing it. It helped me a great deal with my getting started with digital scrapbooking. If you go back to the beginning of my gallery you will find the first LO titled the 100 days challenge 2019.

So now I have around 70 layouts that basically tell my story from my birth until the last few years. The remaining 30 layouts I did on LOTR and Canada.

Eventually I will get these layouts printed out onto glossy paper and made into a paper album, but not quite yet.

As for things I like, they show up in the occasional LIST LO scattered through my gallery....

I know what would get me going again on ongoing monthly layout challenge much like the ABC album we're doing right now that includes a challenge 2x/month...but this one would be fixed as All About Me scrapbook. Hmmmm...or perhaps I can just challenge myself. hahaha

Yes Linda, I LOVE the ABC Challenge as well!!

I agree with challenges as well. I NEED challenges to survive.

Otherwise I tend to get my inspiration from videos.

I watch quite a few youtubers and often get inspiration from the things they do or a photo/shot/view they filmed.
My newest example - this LO I posted earlier today. smiley

The ABC challenge is supposed to go to around the end of the year, right? Maybe that could be the next community-wide full album challenge.

Yes it goes for 13 months - due to end in November 2021.

If we take a months break and start a new one in January 2022, then we can do the alphabet again but each of us, chooses a different subject...

Or we can go straight into the new challenge starting Dec 2021 so that it ends in Dec 2022 - 13 months.

MM now what would I choose?? smiley

PS, Becky, your music layouts are gorgeous!!

Thanks, Robynne!!

I've been tossing the idea around in my head for a long while to do an all about me scrapbook as well as write my memoirs (not that I'm famous, nor do I think it would be something made available to the public) but to pass down my thoughts and things I've done, to my future descendants, so they have an idea of who I was. I doubt that I'll ever get to it though; I can't seem to get myself out from under just day-to-day stuff and I no longer can scrap nor, design, as I have inefficient equipment and had to cancel my subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud as well as learn to live at a significantly lower income than I had been used to (won't be buying any sexy designing devices anytime soon (all due to the COVID19 Pandemic).

smiley Great idea; just not doable by me at this time smiley

@Becky: I kept it ABC to include the option of an All About Me

I really like the idea of an All About Me but I thougt ABC had more options.

You could always look into finding and buying a little bit older version of Photoshop that comes as a CD/DVD, it may not have all the bells and whistles, but it would only be a one time investment. My husband located one for me. I think it was a few hundred $, but It works well enough for what I do.

We have had a StoryTime challenge in the Scrapbook Campus, last year. Here is the thread where people posted:

I might do another one in 2022.

I have started this year. Each page typically documents a different event or theme but sometimes I need 2-4 pages to include everything I want. And then other pages I use as life planner to show what I’m interested in at the time such as music, movies, shows, food, hobbies, etc. My scrapbook is just for me to spend time being creative and also to look back on in the future.