Thoughts on Midjourney?

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Thoughts on Midjourney?

Anyone using Midjourney to make digital scrapping stuff? I'm playing around with it and getting some amazing results.

Hi Carolyn!
I have seen many many beautiful results via others myself.
I haven't had a chance to take a peek at it though, are you finding it easy to use?

Its pretty easy to use. Figuring out what prompt to use is a little difficult but gets better the more you try. Some experience with discord helps, because you have to do it in discord.

Quite a few designers make many of their pieces using AI,
and you can hardly tell with some of them.
I have seen actual people generated in Midjourney, that looked
absolutely real! It is certainly amazing with how far art has come!

I want to use it as it seems really cool, but it doesn't really seem to be ethical. It's taking data from artists without the artists' consent, which in my opinion seems to be quite rude and while I don't personally know if it breaks copyright per se, I'd rather not for now - at least until the issues with this is all settled.

I have several AI Programs and Apps I havn't tried MidJourney Yet I'm not much into Discord. BUT there are several Mobile Apps that are really good and they generate amazing results at a lot cheaper price, and with the apps it's normally a one time fee, you don't have to pay monthly. There are some free online AI sites that has amazing results, only draw back to them is you have to show your prompts, and I don't like doing that either smiley If you havn't already check out Lexica & Playground AI. CreativeFabrica has lots of AI art apps that come with your subscription, but to be honest I find them difficult to use compared to others. CF also has mobile now too. I'm not getting into the whole AI Art debate because it's going to be ongoing for a very long time.

Millennia of litigations, solicitors' paradise... smiley ... Great questions, really! How will AI tackle the issues of ethics, cultural acceptance & creativity? What are the opportunities of running autonomous AI-driven brands? Just adding 2 more.

Hello Gals!

I am on the fence with the use of AI myself.
It can be a great tool for those that have absolutely no talent in any forms of art.
However ... it seems that the "Prompts" make it into too many hands, which then
makes so much of the art identical. Like Jackie stated, many prompts should be kept
from the public, which in turn, allows for new art in its place.

I wanted to learn how to use it, for some of the items I will share in bundles,
but I have finally learned how to use "Styles" & that is the game changer for me.
The items I can now create with them, are the types of items I was considering with AI.

Again, I believe that AI has its pros and cons, like anything else.
I have talked with a few artists that have shared their disapproval of AI.
Truly concerned about their "hands on art," and its future.
I love to look at all the different styles of the art, but the repetitiveness of much of it,
is getting out of control, though the more private pieces, are exquisite.
* My two cents

i have similar concerns as Joyce so i will not use AI in my designs at this time. i also don't like the repetitiveness as Jenifer has stated. above all, i do not like the fact that people are unable to opt their work out of these engines.

i'd like to see the legal issues settled in the artists' favor so that those who wish to opt their works out may do so. there will still be plenty of people who will opt in/not care plus thousands of years worth of royalty free items made by those long deceased whose stuff can be used freely.

AI Art has actually been around for many years, I first discovered it about 10 years ago. There's a online generator that's over 10 years old now. I think all the hype is because to most people it's very new, and when something new comes out everyone wants to try it. I'd never go as far as to call someone talentless because they chose to use AI, infact some of the people who use it regularly are very talented artists. When the renders come out you have to edit them some a lot some not so much. But the artists who do heavy editing are quite talented. I get tired of the same ole' same ole' that comes with scrapbooking and enjoy trying new things. IF you like art why can't you like all forms of art? Like it or not AI is a form of art. I for one am not gonna settle for doing just scrapbooking, I like learning all forms of art and keeping myself open to new things. Some of the designers have also been using AI for many years you just didn't know it. For most we don't discuss what we use to create our images. I think it's a shame that artists are being ridiculed for using this form of art because a handful of people think it's wrong who are they to decide what's right or wrong. These are just my opinions and I mean no disrespect to anyone.

I talked with my gram (photographer) about this topic a while ago because I was discussing it with someone else who pretty much shared my views (which is not always a good thing in discussions) until this person said the word 'talent', the word is an absolute pet peeve for me. Ain't no such thing as talent only YEARS of practice (on anything soccer, golf, cooking, painting, AI prompts) , passion and love. Of course not everyone has the same starting point, some of us grow up in palaces, some in huts, some parents are artists or bankers others are not... ... If talent says good result or pretty or nice, that is fine. But often it means something else.
Back to my photo grams. She said that back in the day when she went to photography school, there was this big discussion among 'serious' photographers about to whether or not use autofocus lenses. The discussion was fierce and a similar discussion was carried out when digital cameras came out. She also said that she visited a place in Morocco back in the day where the government wanted to provide tap water and electricity to the villagers' houses but they didn't want to have any of that. And then she giggled.

OOoo Gals,

I am SO sorry that I came off in any way that shows disrespect to anyone.
I most certainly didn't mean that, nor would ever feel or behave as such.

Using the word "talent," was indeed poorly chosen.
It comes off quite harshly.. and I am not like that at all.
I agree Bina, "talent" is in every one of our lives, every day.
We all have talents in all the things we do.

As I shared, I have seen some gorgeous AI art.
I wish I could make many of the things I have seen.
Much of it, so beautifully done, that I didn't even realize it as AI.
It is definitely a "talent" and I truly appreciate it,
as it brings a fresh new touch of art to our lives.

I see pros and its cons, as I shared.
I would never belittle nor demean, anyone that enjoys its gift.
I am not against trying it myself, as I am learning much about art these days.
Again, I am sorry that how I spoke, came out so arrogantly.
I am truly not that type of person.