Trouble leaving out on pictures

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Trouble leaving out on pictures

I wonder if more people has this problem.

I saw such good examples for making something great with templates. But when i start to try copy things with my pictues I get in trouble.

When, for example, i use a round or diamond template i know u will loose bits of your picture. But for me i cant seem the pics where its ok with smiley. Then my mind go > Nooo thats the bit i realy would wanna expose more. But I am set on that layout of diamonds or circles i saw.

And yeah i know i should use that template then with other pictures. But till now i still cant find the right obe to use it for a whole page of pictures of some them.

Mayby anyone have trics for me? Or mayby its just a learning process?

It can be hard to crop a photo sometimes! I know I struggle turning a photo black and white. I have a hard time losing that color detail. It's just preference I think!

I know just what u mean Marisa. When i did that black and white i used the color photo on an other side as well.
I see so much beauty in every picture that i want to show it all.

Honestly, I don’t often use templates with photo spots in shapes other than rectangles and squares for just that reason! I just get other shapes in with paper and other elements.

Why not Becky. I seen amazing things with it. But think often noo not with this picture. Is that our reason too or..?

Do I understand you correctly Liza, that you want to give your photos the main role on the template, but the shape of the photo frame crops the photo or you have to shrink it so that you can't see anything sharp on it then?

You are not slavishly bound to the template, you can put your photo in any form that you feel is worthy enough.

Hello Doska.

I know what u mean. But so often I se some layers or templates that i would love to use. But i am so bad in leaving out on pics. Because that will always gice the extra. Its a thing i need to learn yet that less can be more.

There is so many to use. But you have some things that u so wanna use like that.

If you're working with a program digitally, could you size down the photo in order to see the bit you want? Or maybe even cut and paste that bit
as a larger element. That would add interest to your photo too I think?

You can also resize the particular template box you are working with, then see how your pics fit.