trying to find/create multi color cloud effect...

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trying to find/create multi color cloud effect...

hello, i am trying to create a background look that is a mostly white 12x12 background with a "cloud" type effect going across the middle of the page that is sort of a gradient effect with the colors of the rainbow...i say cloud loosely cause i would be fine with a paint splatter look as well as long as i could include all the colors..i have seen this done with alcohol inks but not sure where to begin in a digital format.


You could try using brushes to create a cloud, paint, or ink effect in greyscale on a layer, and then a large soft or textured brush on a layer clipped to that set to "color" (or a few different layers with different blend modes) to brush on the colors how you want.

hmmm, thanks Amanda...i havent done much with brushes so i will have to look into that!!!

Do you know how to use masks?

I have a tutorial here that will help you make a gradient with multiple colors. I would make one layer with the gradient and then clip it to a layer of brush work. Otherwise, you can just manually brush with different colors to create a similar effect.

Nae - i havent done much with masks, but will have to spend some time playing

Marisa - thanks! i will take a look at that tutorial this weekend

I love mask give them a try. smiley