Unable To Make Clickable Links - To My Gallery

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Unable To Make Clickable Links - To My Gallery


I hope it's best to put this here,
instead of clogging up the Challenge Forums?!

@Bina (Or anyone that can help me)

I have been unable to make a clickable link to my gallery layouts.
I can post my layouts to the different forum channels, but I can
not get them to link back to my Gallery.

In Marisa's tutorial, she shows that we need to
select "Copy Image URL", but mine does not have that:

I chose both the "Copy Link Address" and the "Copy Image Address", to no avail.
It's baffling, as I have done this in the past. It's gremlins I tell ya!

Thanks in advance for any help! ❥

Link to your gallery
(use: "copy link" or directly copy the link in html adress bar)

Direct link to chosen LO, with image

(use: "copy image link")

Everything is working good.
Do you use correct bbcode tag?

The code for the above links should look like this (I added extra spaces after [ to show the code, because, as I see, the tag "code" is not implemented here)


[ url=https://www.digitalscrapbook.com/jenifer-lyn/gallery]Link to your gallery[/url]

Direct link to chosen LO, with image
[ url=https://www.digitalscrapbook.com/jenifer-lyn/gallery/the-tide-rises-falls-layout-blog-train-sea-light-house-sun-ship-flowers-poem][ img=200x200]https://www.digitalscrapbook.com/sites/default/files/s3fs-user-content/layout-image/user-190412/node-362933/the-tide-rises-falls-layout-blog-train-sea-light-house-sun-ship-flowers-poem-orange-yellow-blue.jpg[/img][/url]

If you want to embed an image link, you need to embed the image code in the link.

This Is A Test

OOoo Rae! Thank you SO much!
I am finally able to link my images!
I am putting it in manually, with a saved copy of the needed paths,
but am just fine doing it that way too!

I owe ya one!
Thanks again Doll! ❥

I usually have to have an extra tab open so I can go back and forth to copy the image address and then go back and copy the web address, so the image is clickable.

Hi Rachel!

I have started doing that as well!
I also do it when I need to add information about the
items I used, when uploading the layout.

I pasted the code that is needed to link them here in
the forum, on a notepad as well, so that I can easily copy and
paste the links I need. Thanks for your help as well! ❥