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What does everyone do with kits that they have used? I have a folder called USED that is VERY VERY full and still thousands of kits I have yet to use. I think I'm a digital scrapbook hoarder. Some I have paid for, some I have downloaded thru blog trains, and some were freebies. I just can't seem to let them go but my stash is getting out of control. I have a kit for EVERYTHING!!

I have never deleted anything I've purchased. My EHD is HUGE! But I just can't bare to throw stuff out. I have kits that are from as far back as 2006. No joke! It's like a historic archive in there.

I keep it all too, there is something satisfying downloading kits. After I use a kit, I put them in folders that are numbered 1-12 that sort of correlate with the time of year. School stuff in 09, christmas in 12, etc. and that way if I just need something to finish a page or need inspiration I can look in the section for a particular season or holiday and check out all the kits that are like that. But truthfully now I often just search on which is way easier smiley.

I will delete stuff after a while. I use as my archive and anything else I buy is for the novelty. I use it a bit and then I'm on to the next thing.

I'm definitely a hoarder. lol I won't let anything go, because it could become useful at some point.

I am a bit of a hoarder too. I organize my kits by theme and zip them when I am not using them. Most i get here or cause I am on CT's . there is only one designer - Boomersgirl - who i love and buy her stuff.

I have 2 designers I hoard from and one as retired and I'm constantly begging her to let me buy out her library but she never responds. HAHA One is a kit designer and the other one is a layout template designer. I have SO MANY templates I haven't used yet. I scrap in 8.5x11 so I'm constantly modifying them to fit.

I keep every thing, afraid to delete it ..... what if I need it down the road. I sound like my parents, who lived during the depression, you know, they never threw anything away. As I well know I know because I have some of their stuff it in my basement. At least digital stuff doesn't take up space in my house.

I mostly dl directly from here, easier than to start searching on my drives. I delete monthly to bi-monthly, loads of stuff.

Yep, most definitely a hoarder! Though with designing, I figure it’s worth it (and keep most of it pretty organized). Online storage is getting cheaper. That said, I definitely do use individual items downloaded on a ‘I need this quick & easy’ kind of basis here too.