What are your signature touches on a layout?

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What are your signature touches on a layout?

Most of us have some kind of unique signature thing that we do - that people can identify our layouts without seeing our names. Some people use a lot of buttons, some a lot of flowers, others add a lot of punchwork, some do a lot of journaling...

But what do you always seem to fall back on the most in your layouts?

I have two things - I love to journal. Whether it be historical research on my pages, funny stories on my pages or telling the story to go with the layout, or just doing my pages diary style (use this a lot for travel albums).

The other thing I'm noted for is used restaurant menus. My favorite thing to scrap is probably restaurant layouts and nearly all include the menu worked into the background, often with circle, ovals or arrows pointing to what we ordered!

It says no htmls allowed in the rules, but links are okay - here are a few layouts using menus menus.














Sorry there are so many samples using menus but I kept finding more and more and adding them to the list. Actually, there are hundreds more.

Now, please show your layouts using whatever technique or style, or elements or something that is kind of a trademark for you!

What a cool idea! I think I am most known for my pocket style layouts which are fairly unique to me.

I like this style a lot! I like layouts that you can look at for a while and keep seeing new things. This is one of the layouts where something you did see before keeps poping out at you. Love it Marisa! How did you get the picture to show up here? I'm still learning! (Obviously!)

I was going to put them in the gallery here but have not figured that out yet.

What an excellent idea. I think I'll start taking photos of menus as soon as they lift our mask mandate and open up my favorite restaurants. smiley

Oooops, I forgot to mention, my favorite layouts are rather simple so the eye is drawn to the picture(s) first. I would share something here but I'm still learning how to scrap digitally, so nothing a the moment to post. Soon though!

Sharon, I pick up a takeout menu and scan it and sometimes work both front and back into a layout like background paper.

I also go to google images and type in "Harry's Ocala logo" or "Harry's Ocala menu" or any other restaurant and sometimes I can get a good high quality that someone else has already scanned. I sometimes to to the restaurant website and can sometimes get a nice copy of the menu. I typed links above of some samples but I don't know how to put actual photos here.

Our restaurants only closed for about 2-3 weeks when all this stuff started, then opened right back up. Surprising enough, family eat-in restaurants opened almost as quickly as they closed, but it took fast food restaurants a long time to open back. So I could go to a family restaurant and sit down and eat but it was over a year before we could go into a McDonalds or Popeye's chicken and go into the dining room at eat.

Our local Red Lobster never closed for more than a couple weeks, then opened up with small tents/canopies all over the parking lot and a table for up to 4 people under each tent. I thought that was kind of funny to see people having dinner out in the parking lot under the tent-canopies, but people seemed to be enjoying it.

Yes, dining in a tent in cold weather with heaters on was quite the experience for one of my daughters and I at the Cheesecake Factory. Fun & memorable. Oh, and tasty!

Several of the Mom & Pop restaurants in our tiny town are too scared (still) to go against the governor's orders. It's sad for them, but it's ok for me because I like to cook. smiley

Those are good suggestions regarding snagging pics online. I could check Yelp too, I suppose. Thank you for responding!

Since you are the one that introduced me to this wonderful world of digital scrapping you know I am known by my maps - I like to know where in the world I am! smiley


I'm probably best known for cramming a lot of photos on my pages. smiley I also gravitate towards bright colors, teal/turquoise has probably ended up on about at least half of my layouts somewhere, and I use paint/scatters and sewing-related elements (strings, buttons, stitching) pretty often.


yes, I find that interesting too, how the scrap style of us here came about. It probably also has something to do with our interests. I love variety, 3D-Look, but I still want to achieve harmony between photo, theme and colors along with, very important for me, matching fonts. I like it sometimes lush, if it fits the theme, feminine with lots of lace or shiny ornaments, pearls, gems, but I also like it elegant minimmalistic and even masculine metallic. I love beautiful design on cars and motorcycles. So I also once created a birthday freebie with lots of metallic parts from the car when I still had a blog.
Otherwise you can see that also in my Gallery

I tend to be a white space scrapper and I never use a kit to make a layout, (unless it was a CT LO, and then it was required) I feel stifled by getting everything out of one matchy matchy kit, but I also know most people prefer a matchy matchy kit to scrap with. So my designs are very matchy matchy, but my layouts are almost the opposite, and I use a lot of green.

I'm very drawn to minimalist pages from other scrappers but I end up adding more "stuff". I do pretty clean layouts but with some element clusters or scatters. And I like an accent color.

Jen, thanks for sharing those layouts. I see what you mean about a simpler scrapbooking style (That's what I lean towards also).

And Pat, that is a great layout with the map. I love the perspective of looking down onto the lighthouse. What a great picture.

Oh, n i c e pages @Jen Conlon. I have been told here in this forum that I was not a scrapbooker but an art journaler. Whatever you call it... I guess I have a soft spot for texts and stories and clearly for photo focused pages. Recently I have discovered DL format and make more pages in that format. I find that starting out with a layout in DL and then moving that DL layout onto a big canvas 12x12 really makes everything much faster.