What are your signature touches on a layout?

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Your pages are gorgeous Linda - I love journaling like you do! Sometimes I will have a whole 12 x 12 page of journaling! Or more! I think Journaling adds so much to a page.

Someone once said to me (and I agree) "A picture may be worth a thousand words, but what are the words?" I see so many wonderful scrap book pages and wish they had explained the story behind the picture. When my kids go through my albums, the love the pictures, but its good to see the story that goes with it!

@Sharin Johnson: Sorry, Sharin. Lookie

DL is so great because I start with a tiny space, like one page of a notebook. After I finish this one tiny page I go on to make the notebook complete which measures 22x22 cm so roughly 8.5x8.5 inches. In the end I put it on a 12x12" and take a look at that. It's a very fun and fast way for me to deal with many photos and a bit of text.

Paint. I don't think I can create a LO without paint.
Traditional- paint
Mixed media- lots of paint
Clean and simple-- still gotta have paint

My signature touch on layouts my clusters, my textured elements and blending in backgrounds.

I love this thread! I don't know if I have a page, but my albums have some signature traits. I scrapbook 2 albums a year. Jan-July, Aug-December; My J-J album always has at least one "hard page" -being on social media, where I consume too much "perfection" in the way people show their lives online, its really important to me to include at least one page about something that was a struggle that year. Maybe it was a death, or a social issue that was really prominent for us or me. In our second album the last 2 pages are a double page news spread. and I do an interview page with our daughter. My year isn't complete without those pages!

I also like scenery pictures with journaling.

Paint. I don't think I can make a LO without using paint. It's impossible smiley

I was thinking about this, and really there are a bunch of different elements that show up in my layouts.

  • I love pictures, the bigger the better. At the heart of it, I just really love photography. I wish I could get a more expensive camera, but I'm all about showing the pictures.
  • Sometimes I love cramming a lot of pictures onto a layout. I take too many pictures.
  • sometimes I will do things if the pictures don't fit the template right like reflecting them and doing either a "gallery wrap" effect, or a "cover flow" type effect.
  • I love shadowing. I commonly will wave and warp my shadows to give things a realistic look.
  • I usually love a lot of the darker tones, jewel tones.