What Camera Would You Suggest?

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What Camera Would You Suggest?

Hello Hello Scrappers!

I would love to buy a new camera, but haven't a clue in which to get.
I hardly know a thing about them, except to point and click.
I would use it for isolating images that I can use in my scrapbooking.
Nothing fancy is needed ( I don't think ), just as long as the images look great.
Thanks in advance, for any suggestions you may share!

Hi Jenifer. What are you using at the moment? What do you want to improve?

Hi Bina!

I am using .. (Insert Drumroll)..
Behind the blushing...
My phone! o.O

I would like to take great quality pictures,
that I can make super isolated images with.
I can remove backgrounds quite well now &
could benefit by having access to my own library.

It is not so much a matter of the camera as of the lens. Have you tried a lightbox and a clip on lens for your phone? Center the object in the light box so distortion isn't an issue.

OOoo! I love the "Lightbox"!
I am going to order that, as it seems to be exactly what I need.
It would save a LOT of money, not needing to buy an actual camera too.
Thank you SO much Bina! ❥

smiley That's fab, Jenifer. Most phone cameras are pretty decent.