What do you consider a solid paper?

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What do you consider a solid paper?

I'm just over here doing what I do best as I am working to participate in the mini kit challenge: overthinking. smiley

I know there aren't really any rules, but I realized I am not really sure what most people would consider a solid paper. Obviously a single colored, single textured paper is a solid. However, I was making a monochromatic wood paper and trying to decide if it is a pattern or solid. It has a pattern, but it is monochromatic so I'm just not sure. Also, let's say I did some monochromatic painting or pattern, would anyone consider it a solid?

Thanks for the input and for helping to satisfy my curiosity!

Hi, Bethany! This is an interesting question, and I’m sure you’ll get a variety of answers to it.

Here is my “Two-Cents-Worth”:

I classify a solid paper as a single-coloured, textured paper.

I classify a wood paper as a textured paper. If it was in a kit of other wood papers, I would name the kit “Textured Papers - Wood”.

Other texture paper kits might be “Shimmer” “Brick” “”Grunge” — that sort of thing.

If a paper has a (usually) repeating pattern, then that is a patterned paper to me.

These are just my definitions, so may not be the same as anybody else’s.

I’m looking forward to seeing what other people think!

I think I agree with Robyn. I do like to add a bit of grunge/texture to my solid papers so they have more excitement. But I wouldn’t add a pattern, even if it was monochromatic.

Yep texture/distressed/grungy can be added to solid colors to make "solid papers". But if you have a detectable pattern I personally would classify that as a patterned paper. I think the main point of solids is to not have a pattern so they may be used on word strips, photo mats, journaling scraps or even "white space" background. At least that is how I have always seen solids so I try and keep that in mind with solids. But you are right there are no rules really lol! smiley Hope that helps!

Excellent. Thank you all for your input! I have always viewed only straight up solids as solids because I'm literal like that. I guess just since I haven't really designed a lot, it made me question that.

I have always thought there were really two categories: solid and patterned. Now that I think about it, I guess maybe textured and artsy deserve their own categories or maybe sub-categories too. I only thought of it because I was following the recipe.

I agree with everyone else, with the addition that not as a designer, but as a LO creator, I would view that single colored wood paper to artistically able to be used as either. So I don't think you need to overthink it too much. HTH!

Ah, another great point. I think I would do the same from that perspective. Thank you!

Hi Bethany,

as a scrapper, the designer would not need to produce solid papers that are just pure color. Any scrapper can make these backgrounds herself as needed if she has the color palette. But a texture/emboss/filter underneath is more attractive. Pattern is different than texture. This has already been well described above