What is the definition of hybrid?

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What is the definition of hybrid?

Okay, I know that seems like a really silly question. lol I'm wondering, though, if there's a certain threshold that people expect before something's considered a "hybrid" layout and not just a physical page. e.g. if you print out a single sticker and use it on your layout is that hybrid? Or do people expect that 33% or 50% or something of the page is digital elements?

I don't actually know the answer to this either - but when I have listened to different scrappers chat about it, it seems it is just any mixture... in fact I almost call myself hybrid because I print digital pages from the project life app or photoshop - but I also do traditional project life. It's a mix that is all thrown in my album together....
I'll be interested to read everyone else's thoughts.

I haven't really thought about a hard definition. I would consider myself a hybrid scrapper because I print out a lot of stuff. Occasionally I might make something entirely from physical products, but overall I rely heavily on printing my digital collection. Some of my projects are more hybrid than others. Does that help smiley

Yes, it helps. I don't mean to sound obsessive about it or anything, either. I'm just working on getting my ducks all in a row to scrap this huge pile of physical photos and realizing I don't know what people are looking for in terms of uploading layouts. I don't want to be taking advantage or annoying people if they're going, "well, THAT'S not hybrid scrapbooking." lol

I think you could just do what makes you happy, scrapbook the way you want and people will form their own ideas about what type it is?
It would be interesting to read a few more responses from people.

I will definitely do what makes me happy. smiley I'm not worried about definitions, as far as that goes. I'm just not sure what I should or shouldn't upload here to a digital scrapbooking site, is all.

oh, I see what you mean... sorry, I think I misunderstood!

It's fine; I'm sure I muddled the question. lol

I do usually upload here the projects that have something printed on them. If there's nothing printed, I probably wouldn't upload it here.