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Hello guys, I have been learning new things and new ways of doing things..I just fell in love with the all the flairs & brads here, so I have learned to make them, but here is the tricky part I don't understand yet. What is the difference in them? I made a flair set for all my newest kits of alphas, but I started wondering if they were really a flair or did I name them wrong and they were actually brads. Thanks in advance for your feedback. I love how any time you have a question you can get answer from someone in here. BIG HUGS

I'm pretty sure they have been used interchangeably in the digital scrapbooking world.

I think in the real world of scrapbooking brads are usually like fasteners -

And flairs being more of a badge/button type of sticker.

Thats why I think in the digital world you see both terms. Since the back end of a brad does not exist in the digital world lol. Course I could be wrong. This is strictly my observation. I have never seen any official word on it. But I have wondered the same thing before.

thanks @Jessica, I was trying to make sure there was like a difference. I am like you, I know the difference when it comes to paper scrapbooking, but wanted to double check if there was any kind of a huge difference in the digital world. Thank you so much again hun...BIG HUGS and have a blessed day

Because they (brad & flair) are used interchangeably I tend to add both tags to (what I consider) Brads when uploading for Marisa.

yeah I almost always call everything a brad @Kayl..it was honestly because my youngest daughter said "mom everything can't be a brad"..then I tried to show her what other labeled a flair and others labed a brad, of course from the mind of 13 yr old, she had me more confused than when I started after she asked all these questions that I had never thought of before...lol

They are basically the same thing. We have them tagged as search synonyms, so they should show up for each other interchangeably regardless of which word you type.

Ah! good to know!

yes good to know @Kayl...thank you @Marisa

To my way of thinking, a flair would be larger than a brad, perhaps? Of course, that idea may be completely wrong!

Robyn, that was what I thought. Many brads I've seen seem to run under an inch in diameter, with many flairs being larger than one inch. I always thought of brads as in paper scrapping, with them being like nail heads or paper fasteners used decoratively in borders or for linking items together. I just assumed the flairs were similar to, but much prettier than, the accent stickers I scrapped with. ???

When I'm designing, I make my brads 1 inch, and my flairs 2 inches. For the brads, I might fill them with a colour, or clip a paper to them. With a flair, I might put a picture or a word on it. Whether it's correct or not, that just happens to be what I do! smiley

Good convo... I've used them interchangeable myself!

Thanks for asking this question; I'd been wondering myself about the difference.

Oh, okay. Well thank you so much Jessica. I do not scrapbook, I only design for people who do so I had no idea. I have only heard of brads in the digital community, however I have been out of the loop for a few years.

Always wondered about this. Glad to find this thread.

Brads can have outlines like metal rings or plastic and they can be both large and small. Flairs are flatter. I have been trying to find my flair template. I had 2 but have only found the one not quite right lol