What makes the perfect kit?

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What makes the perfect kit?

I have just recently started designing when I have time and feel well enough to do so, but I can't seem to get my mind wrapped around what others are looking for when they try to find that perfect kit or addition to their collection. So any suggestions on what the perfect elements are in a kit. Thanks to everyone in advance...BIG HUGS to all

take a look at some of the kits here .... you will see what belongs in a kit ... maybe take one idea, i.e. flower and create one ... save in a file as reference ... you will be able to go back to get some ideas for any kits you want to make later ... it gets easier as you go along smiley .. start small and work to a large one

thank you so much Susan, I will do that..big hugs

I do as Susan suggested. I have reference/inspiration files so when I get stuck, I have a go to for ideas. Another suggestion is to scrap with your kits. If you can make a couple of pages, then others should be able to also.

thanks Gina, I have been working with kits I just love I find in here and making some layouts like I use to all the time. I haven't been doing that much so that has gotten me back into thinking more and looking through old files and pics I have. I have been placing stuff from old drives I have into different folders and been trying to think of how to do really sort all this stuff I have out. I went through and got that huge buying bug back when I was after my bone marrow transplant in 2016 and was stuck in bed and had nothing to do. I lost everything on my first external and didn't back it up, but almost all the designers were great enough to give me back what I lost and I thought I had it sorted, but now it really just looks like a mess..lol!!

My files are not as organized as I'd like. I attempted to re-organize the other day and didn't really like my new plan so now I have an even bigger mess. Fortunately, for me, I seem to function well in chaos. LOL.

I heard (read) another designer say that she uses an item once and deletes it. That way all her kits are unique. I love this idea because it forces more creativity but I also struggle with this idea because I paid a lot money for many of those CU's.

Take a look at this thread:


TL;DR version is that everyone seems to have their own preferences on what makes a good kit so try to find a balance between what you like and folks are wanting.

thank you so much Rose, I will def go and take a look at that, i appreciate it so much

yes I don't think I could delete it either @Gina...I am like you, I spent way too much money to throw it out, which I am a horder with not only scrap stuff but with everything. Seems like I can always find a reason to keep it. I am in a pickle at the moment. I am going through with some what of an idea on how I want to organize things, but I have soooo many cu and cu4cu packs that are just labeled volume 1 or designer stash 1 and it's really a bunch of different elements in a pack, so I can't decide whether to take each element and put into different folders like leaves, dolls, fruit, etc...What do you guys think when it comes to an issue like this?

I think everyone would be different, some love buttons...I have no real need for them.

be careful not to fill a kit with fillers!! I hate fillers ie: items you would just not use, and the designer might find them for free and use it to fill a kit.

Create what you love to create and would use, others will be like minded.

PS I know this is an old frame, how is your designing going?

I am asking myself the same question. I think I am going to come up with a "formula" for small, medium, large, x-tra large kits, etc. and will be a suggestion for how many of each element to include in it. Also, I find when I get 30 versions of the same template in a kit to be a waste of memory space so I will limit them and recolor if needed.

Rose, thanks for the link!

I agree with Laura, that I'd rather see variety than the same button or tag in 20 different varieties. I often delete elements in kits I get with that many color takes on the same individual item until I have about 5-7 of the ones I like best. I'll recolor if I really need to.

Can I add that I love well-named elements in a kit? I rarely scrap with a single kit - but I'll search for "purple flower" or "journaling strips" or "staple" or "gratitude" (think word art). Thankfully, my program can auto-detect colours, but if the file name doesn't have "flower" in it, for example, it probably won't come up.