What software is your favorite to use?

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What software is your favorite to use?

I am just starting to get into digital scrapbooking and was hoping for some advise on which software I should use. I'm not too great with intricate computer programs; any suggestions on which software is the best/easiest to start with?

Thanks for any suggestions!!

Christy, I use Photoshop Elements 11 myself. One of the advantages of PSE is that a lot of Photoshop tutorials will also work in PSE, or they can be adapted to work in it. In fact, when I was in your situation, I was trying to decide between PSE and Paint Shop Pro. I was leaning towards PSP, because I had already used version 8, so I felt more comfortable with it, but what eventually swayed me in favour of PSE was the sheer volume of information - both in books and online - available for the Photoshop family in comparison to any other program.

On reading the forums, it seems as if most people here use either Photoshop or Elements, but they also use Paint Shop Pro, Gimp, and others as well. I know that Gimp is a free download, but I have heard that there is a steep learning curve with it - but I don't know how true that is.

What I would suggest you do is to download the free trials of PSE or PSP, and maybe even some other programs as well. Try them out, and see what feels right for you. There are lots of Photoshop tutorials right here at Pixel Scrapper, and you can find heaps of video tutorials on YouTube for both PS and PSE. If you want a site with a lot of in-depth information about Elements, I can highly recommend Photoshop Elements User. Not only are there a lot of tutorials (both video and written), but you can also subscribe to their magazine Photo Elements Techniques, which also gives you access to all their back issues via the website. Another good Elements site is Essential Photoshop Elements.

There are also Photoshop tutorials and resources on PSD Dude, and also on Photoshop Essentials

Also, don't forget about the Software Specific Questions forum right here at Pixel Scrapper.

Good luck!

I'm using PSE 11 as well but with I had the room for PS cloud .... but Photoshop anything is awesome

Photoshop is used the most i think.
But i can only say, use the one you're familliar with. smiley And if you're not familliar with any program, then i would reccomend Photoshop i guess, because there are loads of tutorials on how to use that.

There has been a ton of in-depth discussions about this.. Some of the ones I can pull up really quick are;




For sure check those out and read, everyone has a lot of great things to say.

To give you some quick info, I use older versions of Photoshop and PS Elements, which are in-depth programs. But there are some people on the forums who use things that are a bit easier. I do not know much about them, so check those links for a ton of info. smiley

Thank you for the wonderful advise! I have been getting a bit overwhelmed with all the info out there. Can't express how grateful I am for the help! The direct info is so helpful!

The one I started off with and still use at times in conjunction with GIMP is My Memories, it simplifies layers so is great for someone just starting out.

Corel PSP x7 ultimate is my favorite, very user friendly

Hi Ms Christy, I started out with PSP but couldn't quite get the hang of it. I tried Sketchbook which taught me about layers, but was very limiting in what I wanted to do. Then I heard about PSE and decided to try that. I am glad I did, I love it.

I too debated, not much of a computer brainiac... but jumped straight to Photoshop since I found a lot more tutorials (video) than for other software. It may look complex and difficult at first, especially for beginners, but with so many online help - it's very easy to learn. Still learning, but love the possibilities.

I started out with Paint Shop Pro and found I learned it pretty well in a decent amount of time, and it was budget friendly. I always bought it when it went on sale and never paid more than $29.99 for it. But once I was decently skilled in Paint Shop Pro, I felt limited in some aspects and wanted to go farther and moved up to Photo Shop. I still use both programs, depending on what I'm doing. At the time when I was first starting to learn, Photo Shop Elements had not incorporated layers into the program, so I never used it. Today, it's probably a great way to start. If all you want to do is put scrapbooking pages together, Paint Shop Pro still has a lot to offer. I saw PSP X7 Ultimate on sale somewhere for $29.99 last week.

I use Photoshop mainly..I tried to use PSP..it was not bad, but i am much comfortable with photoshop..also i use some software not so popular like photoshop or elements but personally i found helpful,like Print Artist Platinum, serif Craftartist, Picture Collage Maker pro etc... smiley

Photoshop C3 (a very old version I know) and I use a ton of actions and a couple scripts to make it easier!

I use a combination of Panstoria Artisan and Pic Monkey...Between the two I feel I can do anything.

I use Photofiltre (7 or X depending on which compute I am). Simple to use and free smiley

I just up graded to Photoshop Elements 13..( I used 10 for quite a while)....I'm not great at this kind of stuff but I had no trouble using either of these programs with a bit of help from my daughter....and I've found that if I'm stuck I use goggle and there is always a ton of help for PSE.

I was wondering this same thing. I have been using photoshop but I wasn't sure if it was the best program to use. Thanks for all the information.

Thank you all for giving advice for us newbies. I will look into Photoshop. But I did see mention of mymemories.com product, is that compatible with digitalscrapbook.com items?

I believe you can import any PNG or JPG graphic into My Memories.

Tracy - I have been using My Memories for my layouts since September, and Marisa is correct, all the JPG and PNG files import just fine. You have to set them up correctly in the embellishments and papers "components" folders, which is not difficult. I have had some problems importing SVG files to be used in the "Shapes" section. It is hit and miss. Many have a very large white space that goes beyond the working space, so they are nearly impossible to "grab" or "crop." Some SVG files have shading or transparencies that don't work properly. The "recolor" button doesn't work on PNG files, but changing it to a paper fill, using a solid paper in the color you want (easy to create your own), works just as well. Or just use an existing paper from a kit or collection. There are limitations for My Memories, particularly in brushes, drawing, clipping, and customizing photographs, so you may want to look at Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. The plus for My Memories is how VERY EASY it is to use. I think it is very intuitive and the way it operates reminds me a lot of Microsoft Publisher. I just got my first printed album using My Memories from a third party printer, and the print quality was top notch. I do own an older version of Photoshop Elements, but it isn't that intuitive for me, and right now I use it mainly for making alterations to my photographs (although My Memories will do black and white, certain blurs, soft edges, color pop, and has a few specialty filters). I am working my way through the PSE online tutorials, but I picked up how My Memories works in a couple of sessions. Feel free to take a look at my gallery images; all were done using My Memories. I hope this helps!

Photoshop hands down from when I started digi scrapping back 17 years ago. There was a learning curve but I actually remember quite a bit even after that hiatus lol. And I am one who's brain doesn't retain much anymore!

I mostly use PSP. I upgraded to the newest version a few months ago, but every now and then I use PS CS3.

I don't think you can go wrong with any of the PS programs, and PSP is pretty similar. You can even convert some PS tutorials for PSP.

I did try GIMP, but it was a bit tricky to try to learn.

With both PSP & PS, you can also add extra plugins/filters to create some great effects as well.

I know a lot of us would be willing to help no matter what program you decide to try.

I cannot afford to pay for PSE so I downloaded GIMP but could not get the hang of that.

Then I discovered Paint.net (Paint dot net) which is totally free and now I use this. I love it!! I have no troubles using JPGs and PNGs but cannot use PSD files.

You guys all mention clipping and I dont know what that is. But IF it means clipping the layers together to make one page, then in Paint dot net, that's called merging!! We merge the layers together - from the top layer down to the background.

I use GIMP, largely because it's free smiley smiley smiley . But if you do go that route, I'd suggest connecting up with someone who uses GIMP for scrapbooking . . . there's a few settings to change that will make your life a whole lot easier. It does have a bit of a learning curve (but then, so does Photoshop) - I think a lot of it is simply what you get used to.

PSE15 for creation. ACDSee for organizing my digital supplies.

I, like Kelly, use Photoshop CS3 and will continue to use it until it goes away. I also purchased another photo program called Affinity Photo. While it doesn't have all the bells and whistles that Photoshop has, it sure does compete. Now if I can get myself to use it more to get the hang of it, I may just switch over to using it for the bulk of my creating. smiley

I do the bulk of my work in Photoshop CS2 (yes, really). I need to see if I can grab a copy of CS5 or 6 sometime in the next year, once I've got the funds for it. I don't do enough business to afford the subscription CC uses (even if it's cheaper monthly, eventually I'll be spending more on it than I would on a standalone copy), and am kind of annoyed by the concept anyway and prefer a one-and-done purchase.

I use and master Illustrator and Photoshop

I am a huge fan of photoshop.. although I have used paint shop pro in the past. Photoshop has been my go to for many years now.

I need to try the free trial for My Memories. I have been using PrintMaster 8 Platinum for years (earlier versions as well). It is inexpensive and easy to learn to use. It does not do everything I'd like it to, but for now it works.

Got quite a few... Photoshop, Illustrator, Elements, Medibang Paint Pro, and Artrage 2. I also am having quite a bit of fun with Craft Artist 2.