Which is better digital scrapbooking or print scrapbooking?

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Which is better digital scrapbooking or print scrapbooking?

Do you prefer designing your photos on your computer or in a printed scrapbook?

i personally prefer the Digital Scrapbooking, i'm not that good at crafting so i will go for digital smiley

I prefer the freedom of digital scrapbooking (clutter-free, portable, reusable, customizable) but do still like to have an actual scrapbook to look through. This is why I order my layouts from the year bound into a hardcover book from Blurb. They're so beautiful!

Good answers! Digital does make it easier and more resourceful depending on your design interests and projects.

I think that digital is better for people, like me, who are a total mess with paper, glue and sticky elements. Moreover, many companies based in the US charge a whole lot for shipping in Italy, so digiscrap I do smiley

I love sitting at my computer and playing around with different papers, colors and effects, and knowing that if I don't like it, I don't have to print it out, or save it when I'm done. But there is also something to be said about "getting your hands dirty" with glue, ink and paint, and creating something "real". I love the fact that I can create my own papers, on the computer, then print them out to use as the background on my "real" pages if I choose to. For me, that is the best of both worlds.

I think that digital scrapbooking also allows us to be far more creative. We are not limited to the supplies we have on hand, if we are handy with whatever graphics program we use. I use to scrapbook offline, but I could never find a lot of supplies, being from a small town.

Paper, scissors, glue... One phone call...

Translates to dogs with paper stuck to noses and tails, a chewed up ribbon, and a 8 year old thinking it's OK to cut a piece of curtain off because they are sure Aunt Kari wants to use it in the scrapbook as a memory of the shopping trip we took while decorating the house.

Not for me... I have tried but never had the time to work on it, so I gave the project to my sis and she did a wonderful job with it. I love looking through her books - it appears I got her hooked!

I love digi scrapping! I can share my layouts with the family by email. My mom treasures this because her and dad live 500 miles away and miss their grandchildren!

When I paper scrap I can't see the table for all the different bits of paper etc that I have tried and rejected (and then have to put away!). A combination of digtal scrapbooking, then printing out the elements and papers, works best for me for a physical gift, but otherwise I am happy just doing it digitally.

Bumping for relevance. smiley

I prefer a hybrid technique - designing and printing out elements to scrap with, for example. I think it gets you the best of both worlds.

I'm a digital girl... when working on a page, I love being able to "re-do" easily and reuse the same supplies especially if I'm working on a project. While my house doesn't get cluttered with supplies, the same can not be said for my computer.

That said... why does one format have to be better than the other. Paper scrapbooking totally isn't for me and I know that digital scrapbooking isn't for everyone. Everyone is creative in their own way.

I love digital scrapbooking, less mess, I can stop and come back to it, constantly change things until I get the effect I like, I can reuse things and don't have to pay for more, it takes up less storage space and I can still print it out as book at the end to look through. I am not great with shadowing yet so paper would probably get a better 3D effect.

I prefer digital scrapbooking, I usually print out my layouts and keep them in an album anyway, plus its far less storage keeping digital stuff than crafting stuff for other scrapbooking.

I love paper scrapbooking, but am just getting into the digital. I began in baby steps with using it for my journaling and can see how quickly I will be moving out of my comfort zone and getting more into it. I have SO much scrapbooking supplies and don't want to get rid of them just yet, but going digital will eventually free up an entire room!! *blush*

I do digital scrapbooking which I then print into a book. I am just waaaayyy tooooo messy with glue...lol...its a disaster even before I start. igital scrapbooking makes me more confident in the sense that I can just trash whatever I dont like and try again. That confidence is key, because I dont second guess myself anymore and I feel free to explore an create smiley

For scrapbooking, I prefer to digital vs paper. It's cheaper and easier to customize based on the album/photos. However, lately I've been printing out digital elements and pasting the elements on the layout.