Who else does Project Life?

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Who else does Project Life?

Just wondering who else does project life and primarily uses digital cards or makes their own smiley

I do a spread every week and have for years. I don't honestly use that many digital cards, I usually include too many photos!

Haha me too, I am very photo heavy. I want to include more filler cards which say something on them, so it's not just journaling and patterns, so that's what I have been looking into doing.

Same here, I usually have 8x6 pages for PL. I am afraid they have totally evolved towards art journaling with a grid on top tho. smiley

That's cool though, I think art journalling would be really therapeutic and fun??

LOL, fun therapy is what I seem to be getting. @Jo Guihot: It's probably not even art journaling, more like messing with brushes, pens and the gluestick. smiley

@Bina that doesn't really matter! As long as you enjoy it, then it is worth it....

I have little kids, a lovely 3.5 year old who loves paint and I am not game to leave it unattended lol.

Hi Jo,
A friend introduced me to PL when I had my last baby! I am currently up to date with this year which I am super proud of, however I am still trying to catch up a few years before my last baby! It is a slow process though!

There is always an album that needs doing, or photos that need doing hahaha!

It does seem that way Jo! It does not help that time is spread so thin with 3 kids, a farm and work!

Oh you certainly are busy! Do you do Project life by day? or week or month?

I just document events really! I am not a daily PLer!! I guess I just print photos I have taken of events that I want remembered in the albums! What about yourself?

I don't do daily either. I organised by months.. lots of random photos and then events also.
I am printing by month this year in an effort to keep on top of my printing and getting the photos into the album.

How is printing by the month working for you? It is a great idea. I usually do a massive order and then find it very frustrating to sort them all out into the order that they happened! I really should try this.

Hi @Emily, I'm a bit behind, but I am currently organising my April photos to print, and I have March printed already... so it's not too bad really.
I have booked myself into a local stores scrapping session, where I can sit and put photos in I hope.
Will see how I go!!
How about you?

I started doing Project Life or P52 way back in 2009 and did weekly pages for some years. Now I do monthly pages.

I do monthly as well, no way I could do daily with 3 small kids. I just like to document what I can of their growing and changing and enjoy it later.

I do. I typically use a variation of papers from a kit and the matching journaling/filler cards and then a ton of embellishments as well.