Will there be an SLM in July 2021

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Will there be an SLM in July 2021

OK - so will there be an SLM next month?

I am sure you know how much we all like competing against ourselves and each other.

And while I dont have a lot of photos, I do love making layouts.

The first of July is barely 3 days away.

I have my Canada Day Layouts all ready to go!!

hahaha - talk about motivation, Robynne! That's great that you've already started. smiley

I, too, am looking forward to another SLM - they're so motivating.

I’ve been wondering this too, and have been stalking the forum daily in hopes of an update! I have an annual album to finish!!

Me too, Becky, me too. smiley smiley

Stalking the Forum, I mean. Hence why I asked.

I also had to ask last year as well - but that was 10 days early!!

I didnt think I would have to leave it so late to get a response.

Bina? Marisa? Shannon?

What is SLM?

SLM is Summer Layout Madness - held in July - the Northern summer.

Where you pick a goal - usually between 1 and 30 Layouts - or even higher if you choose.

The mods put up challenges - usually one per day. Some are new and others are old favorites.

There is also a WLM as well - Winter Layout Madness - that takes place in February!!

Thank you for the explanation. I remember it now!

I did see on the Discord chat yesterday that Marisa has been traveling, so maybe she just hasn't gotten to posting anything yet. It's probably safe to assume that the usual challenges for blog train/June kits are still on, at least, for those of us who are itching to go!

Thanks Becky. It sure helps me not to worry when someone knows what's going on.

SO Tomorrow I will post my Canada Day LO's, my Q letter LO's (I have 2 for Q!!) and I can download the Blogtrain kits as well. And of course make a June kit LO.

I spent this morning downloading several large bundles from Berna's Playground shop before it closes. Those sure took several hours!! Can't wait to try them out in some layouts.

Now I can just either sit and read or sit and twiddle my thumbs... So I settled for reading. smiley

It's too hot to do anything else.

@Robynne Lozier: SLM will be in August I heard. smiley

August huh. OK, Thanks Bina!! smiley

Thanks for the update, Bina! Now I know when I need to finish all of my homeschool planning by, so I can participate guilt-free. smiley


For some reason I thought we always did it in August, and set everything up for August smiley But now that you mention it we do do it in July. Sorry for the delay for those of you waiting! I will have to chalk this one up to mom brain, which really does seem to be a thing.

LOL Poor Merisa. Mom brain huh? Thanks for the update Merisa. I can wait another month. smiley

Oh, mom brain is totally a thing!! smiley

I don't remember if I ever had have mom brain. If I did, I have long since forgotten. And it would have been at least 15 years ago since my son is now 19 years old.... And School (Kindergarten) starts at age 4 here. smiley

PS I hope you had a lovely holiday, Merisa.