WLM in February 2022

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WLM in February 2022

At the risk sounding stalkerish, will there be a WLM in February 2022? smiley

smiley Thanks for asking, Robynne. Yes, starts Feb 1st smiley

Thanks Bina. smiley

what is WLM?

Winter Layout Madness. Held every February.

We get lots of challenges - way more than usual - and we get to pick a goal for how many we think we can do in one month.

The SLM or Summer Layout Madness is usually held in July, but sometimes in August.

Thank you!

It's good to remind me! I have been know to forget smiley

Just wanted to come in here and say KUDOS to this month's WLM! There were SO MANY interesting challenges to choose from. I've LOVED doing as many as I can. Thanks for putting this one on again!