Words for a Wedding Album

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Words for a Wedding Album

I'm creating some wordart with the idea of each word or phrase being the title or heading of each page of a complete engagement/wedding/honeymoon album. I have a pretty extensive list so far, but don't want to overlook anything. Could you give me some words you would say are a MUST HAVE to complete each page of an album, please! I'm sure there may be some traditional things I don't know about and/or different religions sometimes call things by different names. Or just normal things I'm overlooking. Much appreciated! I'll give a few examples:

first look
candle lighting
grand exit
first kiss
engagement party
rehearsal dinner
the dress
the rings
the cake
mother of the bride (I've also included "step")

Thank you in advance!

my album is very informal, so I included a lot of the 'behind-the-scenes' photos leading up to the big event

INVITATIONS - and other ephemera; if there are photos of addressing, mailing, creating, etc
GUESTS or RECEPTION - we had photos of each table of guests at dinner
TABLES - place settings, favors, centerpieces, flowers, guest names, table numbers, etc
FLOWERS - decorating the venue
BREAKFAST - we hosted a next-morning breakfast for everyone staying at the hotel
FLOWER GIRLS - they're so cute
FAVORS or GOODIE BAGS - photos of us making our guest goodie bags and favors
and I have one page with a photo of us signing our certificate/license, not sure what to call that

I did a wedding album for my daughter & son-in-law several years ago.

In addition to the items above, I'd suggest:
- THE GROOM (in addition to all the pictures of them together, I took photos of them separately)
- THE VOWS (I took photos of them during the part of the ceremony)
- SIGNING THE REGISTER (that's what we call this here in this part of Canada)
- THE MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE (picture of them holding the marriage certificate)
- THE GETAWAY CAR (I took photos of them in the car leaving the reception, some people decorate the car)

Although I'm not Jewish, I've attended a few Jewish weddings, I'd add:
- THE CHUPPAH (the canopy under which the couple is married)
- SIGNING THE KETUBAH (symbolic marriage contract)
- BREAKING THE GLASS (the groom does this at the end of the ceremony
- THE HORA (celebration dance at the reception)

For Muslim weddings add:
- THE NiKAH (ceremony where marriage contract is signed)
- THE WALIMA (the wedding feast)

For Pagan/Wiccan weddings (also used in Celtic Christian weddings sometimes)
- HANDFASTING (where the couple's hands are tied together to symbolize their joining, usually during the vows)

A traditional custom sometimes done at the end of the ceremony or after African American weddings

How about:
The Officiant
Reception Menu
First Dance
Bouquet/Garter Toss

Great additions, a few I didn't have yet! Thank you!

I like including a photo of clasped hands or of the rings with something like FOREVER or ALWAYS. Generic words like that might be a nice little addition too.

For religious Jews (of which I am one):
Kabbalas Panim (reception)
Chosson's Tisch (groom's reception)
Signing the Kesubah and breaking the plate
Eidim (witnessses)
Brachos (literally, blessings - the bride's and groom's fathers and grandfathers give the bride a special blessing after the groom covers her face with the veil)
Chuppah (actual ceremony, which includes:)

  • Baruch Haba (Welcome, for the groom); Brucha Habaa (welcome, for the bride)
  • Seven circles (the bride walks around the groom 7 times)
  • Reading the kesubah
  • The ring
  • Harei at
  • Sheva Brachos (seven blessing of the wedding ceremony)
  • breaking the glass
Yichud room
First dance
Second dance
Keitzad Merakdim (special dance where the bride sits next to the groom in the men's section and male relatives and the groom's friends entertain the bride and groom)
Sheva Brachos
Kos Shel Bracha

Good words for Jewish weddings: Kietzad Merakdim Lifnei Hakala קיצד מרקדים לפני הכלה
Baruch haba ברוך הבא
Brucha habaa ברוכה הבאה
Mi'ban siach מיבן שיח
Im Eshkachech אם אשכח
Harei at הרי את מקודשת לי
Od Yi'Shama (traditional wedding song) עוד ישמע בערי יהודה
Va'Yihe b'Shurun (another traditional wedding song) ויהי בשורון מלך
Siman Tov (wedding song) סימן טוב ומזלטוב
Mazel Tov! (literally, good luck; used as Congratulations! in all Jewish life milestones) מזל טוב

Will come back with more as my kids and I think of them smiley