Year End Ideas

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Year End Ideas

Heya folks!
I swore this had been asked before but I can't find it -so if there is another thread- or a way to search forums- let me know!

In the meantime- I like to end my annual family albums with a double page spread on what went on in the world that year. Sometimes i do it up like a newspaper and have top stories. sometimes its more info-graphic-y and its top lists of songs nad books, etc. last year it was a timeline of the chaos.

What are some ideas of topics/themes I could use.
Definitely will list celebrities who passed this year-because duh Betty White.
Will definitely include major headlines like the riot at the white house and different variants and more uplifting stuff- like vaccines too.

But what are some other ideas. Even if its something silly - like I was thinking about top tik tok trends or something. so I can bring some balance to all the ways we celebrated and experienced 2021- it was a bit of a rollercoaster.

Thanks for the ideas!

How about entertainment stuff like the top song or Academy Award winners?

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