Your Handwriting as a font.

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Your Handwriting as a font.

Is there a (free) software to turn your handwriting into a font? Or a good source link to get one made, that you have used?

So far, I found a free app for my phone, called Fonty. I'm not sure if you can upload/download the file to the computer.

I just went to the site and it seems to only be for phones.

I have one but it's $9 for your own font. Which isn't a lot.

What a cool option Rachel! I'd do it right now, except I generally write in cursive and that doesn't translate as easily to a font. I could consider doing a print option though.

Some of those options look really cool. I'm going to have to check them out when I'm home!

Many years ago I made a free handwriting font. I've since had several computers and laptops and have no idea where I made it. If I come across the site again, I'll let you know

That is such a neat concept. I'm not sure if I would ever do it, my handwriting is a tragedy, but I have some friends I'd love to make write me out an alphabet for the cause.

I used to be on Darcy Baldwin's CT a looooong time ago, and she made me a font with my own handwriting. I LOVED it, especially in digital, it really made the layouts feel like my own. But over the years I have lost the font and she does not do custom fonts anymore.

Oh no Rachel!

What a neat idea (except I do cursive, like Marisa)

As a heads-up, the two options linked in Carole's article above have both been acquired by I actually used it to make a font of my basic print handwriting for use on my personal logo. It's not too difficult to use, though the free version doesn't give you a whole lot of space to work (enough characters for capitals and lowercase, numbers, and some basic punctuation), but it does allow for either ttf or otf. I was able to just open the templates in Photoshop and use my tablet to draw the characters, but they've got a convenient way to photograph the template if you want to print it out and actually use a pen or pencil to do the characters. Overall not too shabby.

I have one style of my handwriting as a font and I used 'Fontmaker' on my iPad to create it. It is really easy to use and I used my finger instead of the ipencil since I didn't have it at the time.

I have tried to find somewhere to do this myself...I will read the links thank you!