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Apr 2022 Blog Train - Working

The themes listed are OPTIONAL. You are free to choose whatever works for you. Also, you don't have to use all the colors.

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

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ooohhhh I love this palette so much. I is screaming spring and Easter!!!!

Nice colours, soft smiley

I didn't want Jessica to tell me again that it reminded her of fall smiley Although if I'm totally honest this look 100% like a palette I would choose for October.

Very soft and pretty palette!

ACO File

ACO Ltd File

Wowza! I love this pallet so much. It is kit worthy. Thank you Marisa for selecting another stunning pallet.

lol @Marisa! smiley Well it's definitely a soft & pretty palette! smiley Thanks for posting it!

Thank you for these, Elizabeth.

Bina, I love your little wooden tea set!!

I'm always a fan of using non-traditional colors now and then, helps with creativity sometimes, I LOVED the last palette.

I love this one too, especially that neon yellow/chartreuse!

Oh I love the colors. Will jump in for sure.

Diane: I love your funky flowers and those little print Peeps. Everything in this kit makes my downloading-finger twitch to add this to my stash! So many delightful prints and fun shapes. We don't usually do much for Easter since the kids are adults, BUT I may have to stage a nostalgic egg hunt just to get some pictures so I can use this kit to its full potential. Maybe if I tell them I put MONEY in the eggs, they will find some of their childhood glee for running around the yard finding eggs! That, or maybe I can hire some neighborhood kids for pictures. smiley Thanks so much for sharing your unique oh-so-happy style with us. It makes me smile!

Kelly: What a unique idea! I need an Easter Bunny sign in my life. You included so many cute choices for frames, and bunny silhouettes, and backgrounds though, it will be hard to decide what to use. The different little tails might have made me happy-squeak out loud when I spotted them, but that is just between you and me. I think I can figure it out, but how fun that you might make a video. I would love to see it if you do get it created. CONGRATS on coming up with such a different idea to share. Very creative and color me "impressed." smiley

Amanda: Your "Lake House" kit is divine! Now, I want a lake house! smiley I've just been sitting here staring at your kit for the longest time trying to decide what to comment on first, but I just love everything about this kit. It's so cohesive. Perfect little bits and bobs that go together so well. A gorgeous balance of all the luscious colors we were given to use, and that is something I struggle with. I usually gravitate towards one or two favorites and end up kinda ignoring the others so I really enjoy seeing someone who manages to use them all equally and make it work. The tan polka-dot paper and the multi-colored striped paper next to it are just screaming to be used together in my mind, and that Adirondack chair is so cute. I love the little lavender bow and flower, too. A touch of the feminine that speaks to my girly-heart. Very nice kit that makes me think about planning a fishing trip to the local lake with the fam. Excellent work, my friend and thank you for sharing your creativity with us.

Lisel: I adore your soft, muted take on this palette. Your ornate "April" word art is gorgeous and the little tea set makes me think of long, lazy afternoons sitting in the shade and just enjoying life. Aaaaaaaaaah. Nice job arranging your preview. It shows your work off to perfection and yet it really makes me want to get my hands on this kit so I can unpack it and see everything in more detail. I mean--THAT is the point of a preview and you managed it perfectly here. The partial bike intrigues me. I want to see EVERYTHING! Good job on that and a wonderful job creating such a visually appealing kit. The mix of textures is particularly pleasing to the eye. Love your work . . . and it can't be April soon enough. Wanna see MORE, you tease! smiley

Bina: You never disappoint. Love your layered flowers and the wooden elements. Your rustic and soft elements are balanced and combined to perfection here. Really like your word choices for the sentiment strips . . . they immediately get me thinking about what I could do with this kit. I am intrigued that you chose what I think of as the more "masculine" colors in this palette and used them for some very sweet "feminine" elements. I think your Color Qi challenges are getting me to think more about what colors say to me at first, and that exploring what else they can say is an important part of designing. The next step in the process, if you will and one that inspires me to take that next step. I think the best compliment I can give you is that I want to reach out and touch everything. Your textures look very real and ignite my sense of touch and that is not easy to do when you are working with two dimensions. I love the way you look at things. Your creative process surprises and delights me in turn. smiley

It goes without saying, but let me say it anyway--it's gonna be another wonderful, diverse Blog Train! smiley So much talent and creativity and GENEROSITY here at Digital Scrapbook. I am so happy to see so many others planning to work with this pretty palette and join in. Rachel? Marie? Becky? Jess? Sharon? Elizabeth? Marisa? I'm waiting! LOL Can't wait to see what else you clever gals come up with to share. smiley

I’m hoping to have mine ready soon, Annette. I haven’t been able to participate for the last couple of months because my husband is working a hybrid schedule now, and I don’t have as much access to our computer. But I got inspired for this palette, so I’ve been working at it as I can. smiley

YAY, Becky--glad to hear you are working on something. I am excited to see your efforts!

My husband has been working from home for over a year and it does take some getting used to. I mean, I love having him around and it is saving us a bunch on gas since he was commuting a couple hours a day when he was going into the office, but if I am being honest . . . I miss my utterly quiet do-what-I-want time a bit, too. I would really be whining if I had to share a computer with him though. The fam realized a long time ago that no one wanted to try to share a computer with me. I'm cranky and might have flunked sharing in Kindergarten. smiley

Ok, here it is! I think this is about as good as it's going to get. I really need to learn to make realistic flowers. smiley

Becky: My anticipation was warranted! Such a beautiful kit. It's everything I love about Spring . . . birds building nests and singing their happy "wake up" song early in the morning and FLOWERS. I love your stylized flowers. If I want realistic flowers, I can take pictures of them growing in my garden, but there is only one place I can get Becky Wooler flowers and there they are--so pretty! Gorgeous solid paper collection and the prints you've made are divine. smiley I especially love the multi-colored stripe one and the scattered music notes. This kit is the BOMB! Excellent work, my friend. I know you had to "fight" to get this one done for us and how I appreciate your extra effort. Can't wait to snag it. Thank you! You are so talented and generous.

Thanks for your encouraging words, Annette!


Annette Marie, you crack me up!
You must be a hoot in real life!
Thank you for your generous words, and for being encouraging to everyone.
That's priceless!
smiley smiley smiley

Tricia, that's gorgeous, I love the eggs!!

Elizabeth, I learned how to bring your ACO into procreate, it's a game changer, thank you so much!!!


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