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Thanks Kelly, I used Gina's Easter Eggs for the shape and decorations with a cu texture & bevel.

So many lovely kits are already waiting for us in April! You all never disappoint! smiley

@Jessica..loving your kit, especially the rain paper!

Annette: Thank you so much for your kind words!!!!! smiley

smiley You're very welcome, Amanda! smiley

Very nice ladies! smiley

I made a mini kit with 4 papers and 10 elements

Hello, here is my part of the Blog Train for April 2022: Cute Easter. It will be available on my blog Digiscrap Angelhaze the First of April.

Oh AMarie, it's beautiful!!!

OMG, I am beaming here. So sweet of you to say @Annette Marie and so happy you like the kit and the color qi dc's! I like them too and invite everyone here to pop by. I am trying really hard to get stuff uploaded and often I am just trying to ul. smiley smiley smiley smiley

Here's mine for the train this month. It will be on my blog on the first.

smiley Thanks, Becky.

Thank you Kelly ! It's a very little participation though, for this time.

OOoooooooo Karen, I'm a sucker for textures, and yours are GORGEOUS!


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