Apr 2023 Blog Train - Comments

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Apr 2023 Blog Train - Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until April 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

@Bina Greene I can't use your part of the BT smiley
I work with PaintShop Pro, and it can't open the pdf
When I open the pdf with acrobat reader, try copy and open with the paintshop pro, it's only on jpeg not a png (not transparence with the files ((((
I can't use the march, and therefore won't be able to use your April part either.
Please consider people who don't have photoshop. Thanks !

Lovely kits so far. Thanks Ladies

Biche Linotte ~ Not sure what version you have but I was able to load the pdf in Photoshop Pro 2023, but it was flat. To work around that I just used the magic wand tool with a lower tolerance and then selected the mask "hide selection" tool to get a transparent background. Did pretty good and it only took a minute or two.

If the above won't work are you able to access photopea.com ? If so just click on file->Open, select the pdf. It will take a moment to load but it will show a bunch of page thumbnails in the center screen once it loads. On the right you will see page numbers with arrows in the box called Layers. Just click on the page you want, then the arrow next to it and it will then reveal a file, in this case called bitmap right below the page number. From there you double click on it and it will open that page up in a new tab within photopea. Then you just go to file->export as-> PNG and that should get you what you are looking for.

I hope this helps and you can get more things available to you this way. smiley

merci beaucoup Jessica pour tes conseils ))))) c'est très gentil à toi !!!
je vais essayer avec psp 2021. J'avais essayé avec Jasc PaintShop pro 9 (je connais mieux cette version avec laquelle je travaille toujours) psp2021 j'ai encore beaucoup de mal à m'y habituer.
Quant à photopea.com je ne connais pas du tout
merci pour tout, je reviendrai plus tard pour te dire ce qu'il en est ))))

Many thanks ladies for this beautiful blog train! smiley smiley

Everyone's contributions are stunning! Thank you for sharing them with us!

So many lovely pieces from everyone! I greatly appreciate everyone's hard work and uniqueness in their contributions. Thank you, ladies!

Thank you to everyone for sharing their time and talent .. you bring so much joy to all of us!! Hope everyone has a very happy April smiley

Thank you all for such a lovely kit!

Thank you for all the beautiful gifts! Happy easter to everyone.

Really lovely kits, ladies...Thanks to all of your hard work and efforts every month!

The inspiration that I get from all of your beautiful designs just amazes me! Ladies, you have done yourselves proud in this Blog Train. Many thanks to you all! Happy Easter to you and your respective families. smiley


I finally have the time to explore all your beautiful kits. What a beautiful diversity once again, thank you very much

Thanks to all the designers for their hard work. An amazing blog train once again. Well done, everyone x

Thanks everyone for the lovely kits & a special thank you to those of you who did the religious side of Easter.

I hope everyone has a blessed Easter no matter how you celebrate it.

@Biche Linotte: It is a pdf print file and not a digi kit, sorry if you cannot use it. The pdf file is the standard Adobe Acrobat file format. Adobe Acrobat gives you many options as to how to handle a pdf including page and image extraction to various file formats including png. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat you can still dl a FREE pdf reader app that also lets you do some editing of the files including image copying. Most internet browsers handle pdf files and also let you do some editing. But, as I said it is a print file, for printing and cutting and using in a hybrid manner, not a digi kit and thus not intended to be handled in any other software than Adobe Acrobat or your printer app. Happy Easter!

Thanks everyone for all these pretty gifts❤️!!!

Thank you so much to all the wonderful designers! These are lovely kits. smiley

Como siempre...un trabajo estupendo! gracias a todas 👌🌹

Gracias por estos buenos consejos! yo no sabía que hacer con las imagenes en PDF y por ello he descartado muchos archivos pero desde ahora utilizaré photopea para hacerme con ellas. MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!

Thank you so much everyone for your amazing contributions!

Thank you!

Thank you to all the designers for sharing their creations.

Beth (Dezines2amaze), I have attempted to download your part 4 times but it has never come through via email. I did check my spam but didn't find it there either.